My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #4

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#4~ The Kennedy assassination

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”

These famous and empowering words, spoken in 1961 by John Fitzgerald Kennedy at his inaugural presidential speech, were eventually (purportedly…), answered by Ex Marine, and Soviet defect: Lee Harvey Oswald;

What your country can do for you, is kill.

Taking the number four spot on the list, and doing so in true Conspiratorial form; with multiple accounts, Government involvement, and a witness who dies before he could tell his tale, we’ve got: The Kennedy Assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald (why do these people always have three names?), is credited by multiple Governmental reports – such as; the Warren Commission, and The HSCA (United States House Select Committee on Assassinations… evidently the guy whose job it was to make the acronym’s had the day off), as being the solitary murderer of the much beloved Democrat, and anti-war activist; JFK. But, curious good creative people and fellow conspiracy theorists alike, I submit this question to you:

should we believe them?

On that fateful day: 35 eye witnesses to the motorcade claim to have heard the gunfire originate from a place in front of the president – by the infamous Grassy Knoll, or Triple Underpass (presumably neatly filing away this little tidbit of knowledge whilst vigorously peeing their pants); while 56 others swore that they heard the shot ring out from the general area of the Depository (the location where, on the sixth floor, Lee Harvey Oswald would be credited with firing from), behind the president; while still 5 others – who would later become the womb of incubation for this conspiracy – claim to have heard the shots emanate from both directions.

Mr. Oswald (that seems far too respectful a title for this lunatic… let’s call him Ozzy), or Ozzy, was nabbed by officials not but 40 minutes later, after shooting officer J.D. Tippit down in the line of duty. Ozzy vehemently denied the allegations of his involvement in both murders, and patiently awaited his day in court to defend himself and regain his honor… but two days later – in a brief vulnerable window while he was being transferred from a holding pen in Police headquarters to the county Jail – Ozzy (he was never proven guilty, I’m going back to Mr.Oswald), or Mr.Oswald, was mortally wounded by Jack Ruby, when he was shot in the stomach.

Lee Harvey Oswald died, without ever having the chance to plead his case…

Sure police had the weapon (found in the 6th floor of the depository), and the three cases of spent munition, ( found in the same place as the hidden gun), they knew that the gun was bought under the false name; A. Hiddell, and that Ozzy (OK, the evidence is mounting, I’m going back to Ozzy), had in his wallet at the time of arrest a fake I.D. with the name Alek Hiddell, but still – isn’t every citizen of this fine nation entitled to due process? Furthermore creative people, I personally find it strikingly odd that during the interrogation of Ozzy – a person who was accused of murdering the President – that no transcripts or tapes had been generated. Or maybe it’s just that they just hadn’t been released to the public…

In one of the more famous statements that Ozzy had a chance to make to the news media at large before being slain by Jack Ruby (a nightclub owner with reported ties to the mafia), he claimed, not only that he had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination, but also that he was a Patsy (a person set up by the mob), for the entire incident.

In the world of conspiracies, there are no coincidences. For years now people have questioned this famed statement, and many believe that – beyond a shadow of a doubt – the government itself is responsible for the assassination of JFK (because – obviously – the Mob has always worked for the government). Let us ponder for a moment on the impact that JFK’s death had on the world. The first thing to happen after the president was callously torn from office (and this plane of existence), was the vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson, took office.

JFK wanted to bond the Nations of the world to join against the, “common enemy’s of man; tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.”

LBJ had some differing views from his predecessor. He quickly took a harsher stance on the situation that was brewing in Vietnam, and within two years of Kennedy’s death (a millisecond in usual governmental response time), had us fighting in places like Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia (which dragged on a burdensome length of time), from 1955-1975, in the Vietnam war. LBJ himself had spearheaded the predominant report on JFK’s death; The Warren Commission, which came to write the history book on what actually happened with the murder. This odd string of facts has led some Conspiracy theorists to conclude the following.

~For some reason, someone wanted to go to war, and Cuba simply wasn’t enough to satisfy their blood-lust (for more on that someone you’ll have to check back on our #1 greatest conspiracy theory of all time this Friday/Saturday 1/14-15/11).

~JFK, being a strong believer in the unification of nations, was getting in the way of this goal.

~LBJ made it perfectly clear that he had no problem helping out.

~Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as a patsy, and the Mob assassinated JFK in the name of the Government, the Soviets, the FBI, and that someone mentioned earlier.

~The whole thing was covered up, and neatly tucked under the rug, never again to rear its ugly head.

And that’s all…

Without modern forensics, how can we be sure that the A. Hiddell  ID wasn’t planted by police in Mr.Ozzy’s wallet (there, that’s a nice compromise), or that he actually was the one who’d fired the gun? How can we be certain that JFK was killed in the way the official report stated, and furthermore what does it imply if he wasn’t? With so many eye-witness reports present that day reporting the opposite of the official story, surely there should be some doubt.

After all, good creative people, a great marker of creativity and intelligence in general, is the ability to not only see one answer to a difficult problem; but rather multiple answers. This Conspiracy theory is one of the most disturbing yet, as it has so many far-reaching implications, and leaves more open doors than closed ones.

Or… maybe… the “cover story” is the truth after all, and we all would rather accept the conspiracy. I suppose that (as crazy as it sounds), a conspiracy would be an easier pill to swallow, than the brutal truth.

Perhaps at the end of the day we simply, collectively, just needed something to distract us, and help us cope, with the loss of a President, and a great man.

R.I.P. J.F.K.

Don’t stop now, only three more to go!

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  1. Hendog says:

    Awesome article, I always wondered if JFK was murdered by the gov’t, or maybe the boston crime syndicate that supposedly helped the Kennedy’s during there “boot legger” days of prohibtion- Shit, U never know with gov’t, always extra shady

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