My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #5

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#5~ The Freemason Fraternal Order

Underground societies, cloak and dagger meetings, covert handshakes, secret passwords, clandestine ties to world leaders, and odd unknown (purportedly satanic), rituals; these are only a few elements to our number five greatest conspiracy theory of all time;

The Freemasons, and their secret fraternal brotherhood.

To say that the Freemasons are a conspiracy in and of themselves, is like saying that double rainbows don’t exist (they do, and what does it mean? It’s so intense…). There can be no doubt that this society of men – sorry ladies i don’t make the rules – exists, as a matter of fact not only is the society very much real, but they have Grand Lodge locations (their official meeting houses), set up in every major country across the globe. Better stock up on our water and canned goods people, because it seems to me that the takeover is upon us…

The first recorded masonic text is the Regius Manuscript, which is a poem found in Scotland that historians have dated back to the late 14th century. In the work, the unnamed author calls for the organization of, great lords and also ladies, That had many children together, certainly; And had no income to keep them with”, citing “the Geometry according to Euclid”, as their unifying factor. Sounds to me like even back in the early days of it’s inception, The Masons were looking to mobilize the lower class of Scotland to stand at their front line. Now i ask you: isn’t this always the first step while posturing to take over the world fellow creative poeple?

The initial lodges are rumored to have been in existence by the end of the 16th century in Scotland, but the first actual evidence that we have of the secret society getting off their lazy backsides and organizing something of measure, happened in late June, 1717, when four members in England began meeting once a week in a pub. The group quickly gained members and grew immensely in popularity (thanks in no small part to the booze of the pub I’m sure – but also and equally as important – was the encouragement that the group gave its blue collar brothers to express their free thinking, which was a oft overlooked necessity of their day to day lives), and quickly spread all around Eurpoe.

Though renowned for being free thinkers, the Freemasons nonetheless do not permit their members to speak about politics or religion in their meetings; but they do require that you acknowledge The great Architect of the Universe (GAOTU), or the supreme being, as the creator of all things in order to become an official member. In this way they can invite Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and Scientologists alike, as – to each man individually – the acceptance of the supreme being means something different, thus effectively spreading the Masons circle of influence ad infinitum across the globe.

Conspiracy theorists like to point to the fact that the group is set up in protective tiers, (with each lower tier oblivious to the happenings of the tiers above them), to elude to the possibility that only the highest ranking members know about the truth behind GAOTU: that he is not some random polytheistic figure – but rather Lucifer himself.

All the cryptic symbols of the alleged occult – embedded everywhere from The US, to England, to Scotland – are strongly reminiscent of the pentagrams that Pagans stand within when chanting for demonic rituals and rite. Since our very own George Washington was a open Masonite, and Washington D.C.; our nations capital, has many of these Masonic shapes forged out of it’s very streets, conspiracy theorists have further deducted that the entire foundation of the United States itself is based on Pagan and Satanic principals (though the whole Satanic thing might just be the result of an effective smear campaign, propagated by burned Mason member: Leo Taxil, who got back at the group for being excommunicated with what would later come to be known as the Taxil hoax).

Across the annals of history, The Masons have been credited with worldwide cover-ups (anyone see the Da Vinci Code?), scandalous murders (Jack the ripper killed in a manner strikingly similar to Mason tradition), ulterior identities (they’ve been called the true descendants of the city of Atlantis, The Illuminati, founders of the KKK, and even – I cant believe I’m repeating this – evolved Reptiles that wear human skin and walk among us…) and giving old ladies the willies. Regardless of what you think about the group, you sould know (preferably before you start speaking bad about them in public), that they are extremely active in membership – with over 2,000,000 members in the USA alone – and that they regularly give generously to charities; building homes in Louisiana, taking in aboandened children, providing funds to dispariaged nations, and just generally being a positive force in the world…

So, if you ask me (you didn’t, but I’m telling you anyway), even if they are reptilian demon spawn with a predilection toward world conquest, certainly we could be – and have been in the past – ruled by worse, and after all, this conspiracy is only just a theory anyway…. right?

Don’t stop now, only four more to go!

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  1. Cool! I’ve always been interested in the Freemasons, but haven’t really researched them in depth yet. Do you have any good book suggestions about them?

    • I wish i could help. To be truthful, I’ve never read any books on the Masons myself (having just one persons unfiltered opinion on a subject as overarching as this is wholly inefficient in my determination). To learn about them, I just delved into a whole lot of Wikipedia, and continued my search on independent sites thereafter. Always checking multiple sources, and references along the way. Here’s the Wiki (wiki, wiki) take on the Masons, have fun 🙂

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