My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #7

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#7 ~ Ancient Aliens

Sticking with the intelligent beings from outer space theme, we find ourselves at number seven on our list (and one of my personal favorites): Ancient Aliens.

There can be no doubt that mankind has had a long journey thus far (from single-celled organisms to bipeds), on this shiny blue pebble we’ve come to call earth, and it wasn’t until fairly recently in our trip – on a relativistic scale of time – that we started keeping records on our actions whatsoever.

Records would be handy things to have around while considering the possibility of Ancient Aliens however, as, in times before we had taken any cliff notes on the subject, we’d achieved some pretty amazing feats – feats that some claim are impossible without outside assistance.

To name a few:

Puma Punku;

This set of ruins in Bolivia has stones that are over 14,000 years old (humans were scarcely more than cave-men at this point), with some weighing in at over 400 tons (a little shy of 1,000,000 lbs), that have intricate stone work cut into their faces – that would be difficult to achieve even by today’s standards – and, not only that, but these immense stones were at one point stacked atop one another, speculated at the time to be as much five tall.

The Pyramids;

These famous Lego-like structures (hailing, obviously from Egypt), are not to be taken lightly, nor is any of the evidence we’ve found there about possible visitations from space. You might be surprised to learn that no Pharaohs or mummies have ever been found in a pyramid…ever. The desiccated remains of the Kings, and all their servants, have mostly been found in places like The Valley of the Kings. This odd anecdote of history has led some conspiracy theorists to explore the possibility that the pyramids might have had an ulterior purpose.

From what I can gather, the story goes something like this: Years ago, while man was still young and naive, Ancient Aliens visited Egypt – after trekking halfway across the galaxy – and were running low on fuel (as one might expect, the galaxy is a pretty immense place). Hydrogen, being the gasoline of tomorrow, is a healthy, readily available resource here on earth, and the beings organized the primitive Peoples of the country to form a pit stop of sorts I.E.: The Pyramids.

With hydrogen as their source for energy (and utilizing some of Nikola Tesla’s principles of resonance, and energy transfer), they could – in theory – refuel their ships, and continue their journey across the cosmos.

Machu Picchu;

These mysterious ruins, consisting of fantastic polished stone work and held together with modern mortar, can be found on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru.

Conspiracy theorists have many interests in the area: from the numerous geoglyphs (Nazca lines) carved into the countryside (depictions of animals, people, and inexplicable others, which are only visible from the air), that measure over 500 square miles; or the older Palpa lines which predate their more popular counterparts, but are strikingly similar; to the odd man-made flattened range of plateaus, which are portions of the same mountain, and seem – at least to a modern society like us – to closely resemble a runway; even the fabled Crystal Skulls (of recent Indiana Jones fame), are rumored to have originally hailed from Peru.

When you take the all the information, and arrange it in the proper order (or wistful – whichever), the brain can’t help itself but to draw some pretty wild conclusions… Massive landmark depictions – easily seen from high altitudes – created within a society that had no way to view the massive symbols that they themselves had depicted (and worked hard on; to make the white lines, they had to first unearth great quantities of a dense red top-lair of soil); long flattened mountain ranges, that could be viewed as runways for the subsequent landing of space-ships (runways that they could easily find by from the skies by looking for the Nazca/Palpa Lines); and finally, the mysterious and inexplicable crystal skulls, that seem to be a record of what it was that they did down here: all seem to point to visitors from above.

As it pertains to Ancient Aliens and visitations from outer space, conspiracy theorists have thrown all this information a pot, stirred and simmered to perfection, and served up this dish on a golden platter (with a garnish of mystery and intrigue), for you and I: runways, overly advanced cities at the tips of tall mountains, and massive jaunty landmarks that can help E.T. find his (or her, I’m not biased), way to the party, smell and taste of conspiratorial perfection.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Whatever you personally believe (I’m an Italian-American-Vulcan myself… Live long and prosper creative people), about the possibility of ancient visitations from the cosmos, the allure to these stories is uncannily magnetic, and will continue to inspire awe and wonder in the hearts of those who are open to the possibility – regardless of how insane, or elegantly brilliant, the idea may seem.

Don’t stop now, only six more to go!

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