My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #8

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#8 ~ The Roswell incident

Moving right along our list towards the number one greatest conspiracy of all time and embracing all things alien, we’ve got number eight on our list: Roswell New Mexico.

When an entire town collectively claims to have seen tiny green men in skin-tight space suits, you’d think that it’d be cause for some alarm (or at least the appointment of some type of ambassador to E.T. within the

government), but, when this incident went down in the middle of the desert back in 1947, good ole Uncle Sam was ready and willing to assuage our fears, and offer up an explanation – naturally after gobbling up all the evidence.

On July 8th, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF), a public information office in Roswell, offered up a press release which stated that the 509th bomb group had recovered a “Flying Disk” from a ranch near Roswell (ironically in a location closer to the neighboring town of Corona than to Roswell itself). The statement stunned the world, as it was assumed to infer that first contact had been made at long last, and it sparked immediate and profound public and media interest across the globe.

But, the very next day, an amended report would come forth (eventually becoming the official report), stating that the original statement about a flying disk had been misconstrued, and that in fact what had been recovered was nothing more than an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon; code-named: Mogul.


Incidentally the official story was widely accepted to be true, and people in the Roswell area went back to living normal lives for nearly thirty years (missing out on thirty good years of merchandising), all up until physicist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Mayor Jesse Marcel, who had aided in the recovery of the original debris back in 1947.

Marcel went on to tell the man of science (and renowned ufologist), in the interview that he wholeheartedly believed that the military had been covering up some, or maybe all, of the original story of the crash, and that there was much more to the incident that the public didn’t know.

The story spread throughout the UFO community like crabs at a frat party, and soon found itself back at the forefront of world headlines once again when The National Enquirer (a highly reputable source of information if you’ve ever seen Men In Black), ran a cover story on the interview between Friedman and Marcel. Soon dozens more reports from eye witnesses surfaced, adding alien carcasses, secret government trucks in the dead of night, and multiple crashes to the mix.

Today Roswell New Mexico is a melting pot of all things Alien and green. Having gleefully accepted its claim to fame as not only true, but espousing it as the defining feature to its individuality, has paid the residents of the town back in dividends. With tourism, marketing, sales, and movie deals flooding in all around them, the once innocuous town of Roswell has undoubtedly risen out of obscurity (and has also undoubtedly stiffed the neighboring province of Corona entirely out of its share in the profits in the process).

Correct me if I’m wrong fellow creative people, but it seems to me that all this hubbub about marketing and movie deals has completely overshadowed an important milestone in mankind’s history. Looks like all the imposed fame is yet another way that the man has simply pulled the wool over our eyes. Wake up people, the green men walk among us!

Don’t stop now, only seven more to go!

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