My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #9

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#9 ~ The Bermuda Triangle & The Dragon’s Triangle

Strange cover-ups at sea aren’t limited to creepy zombie dog-islands alone. Analogous to our number ten top favorite conspiracy of all time, is our number nine: The Bermuda triangle, and its sinister lesser known counterpart, the Dragon’s triangle.

Most people know full well what the Bermuda triangle is, Amelia Eirheart and her famous leather vest learned about it the hard way (too soon?), but you might be surprised to learn that across the globe – nearly straight through the globe to be more precise – is another triangle of doom that’s equally as deadly.

The Dragons triangle is a small swatch of sea that lies in the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles south of Tokyo. From 1952-1954 Japan lost five military ships to the odd location in the sea, with crews totaling over 700 men and women, and when they sent out a ship with another 100 scientists out to the site to conduct experiments on it, this vessel too was lost for good.

Logical men and women of science have been working hard for years, to try and explain away the strange phenomena, but (at least at the time I’m writing this article), no good evidence has been put forth as to what in tarnation is going on. The main problem is that when you go over the zones in question with delicate tools of research, most falter in their operations whilst in the area, leaving scientists scrabbling at unprovable theories, and conspiracy theorists to have a field day with misinformation and speculation.

Some of my favorite explanations of the occurrences are:

1- The two points represent the opening and closing of a black hole centered at the heart of the earth that (other than having miraculously not swallowed the planet whole by now), seems to be operating as a wormhole from one side of our home-world to the other, and, in the process, is decimating everything that travels through it; resulting in the creation of Japan’s chain of islands (which together make up the eastern face of the geometric figure).

2- Somehow, the magnetic spin of our planets nickel-iron core has bent in sideways upon itself, and its subsequent fulcrum is operating in wonky ways we can’t comprehend, which has led to all the equipment interference, and deaths we’ve seen.

3- They’re both home to a secret alien undersea launch pad, and all of the Grey’s advanced equipment is getting in the airways and interrupting our own primitive gear.

No manner what you think is really going on around the Bermuda, or Dragon’s Triangles, there can be no refuting the fact that they’re both great points of interest on our small planet, and phenomenal fodder for speculation, and creativity.

Don’t stop now, only eight more to go!

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