My Top Ten Favorite Conspiracy Theories, #2

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Creative Inspiration, top 10
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#2 ~ 9/11: The fall of the Twin Towers

We’re coming down the final stretch of my top ten favorite conspiracy theories of all time good creative people, and today… boy do I have a doozy for you. Today I have a tale of greed, corruption (all types of corruption!), secret treasure, ignored information, and (are we noticing a trend), government cover ups. Today I give to you, creative people of the world:

The attack on the World trade center!

Perhaps no conspiracy on the this list will resonate quite so deeply as 9/11. It’s still fresh in our minds. On the day of the crash I was headed to Long Beach, just a typical day on my way to work, and there to the right of me, across the open expanse of water that separates Long Island from NYC…was the horrific sight. I can still close my eyes to this day, and see the billowy smoke trail from tower one behind their lids; painted jagged in charcoal against the backdrop of that otherwise picturesque clear blue sky.

It’s likely that each and every one of you reading this will know someone that was personally involved, and to those of you I say, with this conspiracy being as fresh as it is, you have my deepest condolences. This truly was a horrific event in mankind’s history.

I have to admit, for me this event is slightly more personal than the last few – as I was actually alive for this. I remember at the time being confused for many reasons, such as: why the lesser known (and quickly glossed over – and recycled), tower 7 had fallen at all, or why did the crash site in Shanksville look so barren? After watching a bit more news, I found the lack of pentagon footage disturbing, and simply couldn’t ignore the firemen’s famed claims that they’d heard explosions ring out from the towers just before they’d collapsed… One might even say that this event had opened my eyes. Not to the truth per-se, but rather to alternative possibilities, and healthy skepticism about what we’re being told, and how that might differ from the truth.

Three parties can keep a conspiracy theory: so long as two of them are dead

When I talk about 9/11 to friends and family, that’s a popular response, and it makes a good point. For all these events to line up synchronously in the way that they did, with the assumption that it was a planned event in mind, would be a huge leap of faith on our parts – especially as it concerns the competency and overall intelligence capability of the theoretical parties involved. However, sometimes complication on one end of an issue, simply stems from the single root of one trunk on the other. It is possible that a single goal, created the necessity of all the other actions that followed it… perhaps tomorrow (or the day after), when I reveal the number one greatest conspiracy theory of all time we’ll have our answer… Or maybe I’ll get lazy and sleep in – whatever.

My mind is scrambling… I’ve heard so many juicy stories, and I want to share them all with you (truth be told, for each plane there’s a fresh conspiracy), but I don’t want to just ramble, so I’ll go in order, and start from there…

On 9/11/2001, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger airline jets

At 8:46am, American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the north WTC, between the 93rd and the 99th floors, traveling at around 450 mph, At 9:03am, United Airlines flight 175 hit the south WTC, between the 77nd and 85th floors, traveling at around 600mph, At 9:37am American Airlines flight 77 careened into the Pentagon, and at 10:03am, after a mutiny against the hijackers changed the plane’s course (it was aimed either at the Capital building, or the White House) the final plane crashed into a field in Shanksville PA.

How? Why?

Good question, and I’m glad you asked. It’s not like just any Joe-schmo off the street can climb into the cockpit of a 747 and take to the controls like it were a video game (Rodger. What’s your vector Victor?) . These people needed serious training – and they got it (at least two of them did), right here in the good old US-of-A: at Huffman Aviation, in Venice Florida.

Turns out that officials found (allegedly, i can hear the griping through my monitor), an abandoned car in the parking lot of Boston’s Logan Airport – where two of the flights were Hijacked from – with arabic flight manuals, instructional video tapes on how to fly a large plane, a Koran, left over chinese food (ok maybe I added in the chinese food…), and a fuel calculator guide.

When they tracked the car back to its rental origin in Boca Raton Florida, officials quickly learned that it was paid for by Mohamed Atta, a 33-year-old United Arab Emirates passport holder, with a given address somewhere in Florida. They tracked down the homeowner (a 53-year-old man living Venice FL, on the Gulf of Mexico), and politely knocked on his door (more like they kicked it in), and learned that two men had stayed in his home for a week in 2000 while they took aviation courses at Huffman, before he’d kicked them out for being rude.

Their names were; 33-y/o Mohamed Atta (the terrorist who crashed into the North Tower), and 23-y/o Marwan Al-Shehhi (the south tower attacker), and they were both listed on the flight manifest’s for their respective flights.

It is thought that these two were the representative teachers for the group of Hijackers, and, if you think about it, that makes sense, as they took the higher profile destination (the terrorists had hoped to change the sky-line of Manhattan forever as a token remembrance of what they’d done, and sadly… they did), and actually achieved their sinister goals, unlike the failed PA flight, and the Pentagon crash; which caused minimal damage at best.

It is at this point in the story that conspiracy theorists usually say something like, “See! They were trained on our soil. The government must have known all along.” and perhaps they’re right.

OK, so they were trained on our own soil… but that still leaves the Why?

Why yes, it does. Why would these 19 people go so far out of their way to desecrate the US? What had we done to them? There can be a plethora of answers to that question, and I’m sure some may be right, but in the end, most of these things come down to one thing: Money, and as it pertains to 9/11, quite a few strange happenings surrounding the bloody-green paper abounded.

1) In the days and weeks leading up to the 9/11 attacks, there were an inordinate amount of “Put options” placed on both American Airlines, and United Airlines stocks alike – it would seem that someone had been very lucky that day on the market.

2) Also in the market, insurance companies saw anomalous trading practices, when a highly unusual amount of investors had gambled quite a bit of money that Citigroup inc.‘s (of travelers insurance), stock would fall below 40$ – the day after the attacks, with all the insurance they had to pay out looming over head, the stock fell to 38.09, granting many people windfalls…

3) I’m not going to list every one separately… as there are A LOT of little instances, but: Morgan Stanley (a companies. who occupied 22 floors of WTC), and Raytheon (a defense contractor), are two great examples of companies had large surges in their market share activity as well.

4) Underneath tower 4 WTC was a well known – and vast – storage space for precious metals; named, “The Comex Vaults”. Just before 9/11 the vault was home to various stockpiles of gold and silver bullion, owned by various organizations (the bank of Nova Scotia, Comex clients, Comex metals trading, etc…), valued at total to be worth around 900,000,000 dollars (nearly a billion dollars!). After the attacks, and still during the cleanup effort, on Nov. 1, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced that “more than $230 million” worth of gold and silver bars that had been stored in a bomb-proof vault had been recovered.

$900mil… $230mil…same diff,  no biggie right?

Uh, wrong. If the 9/11 attacks were about an immense amount of gold, and also about an immense-r amount or money made in the stock market, and even an immense-rist amount of cash to be made with stocks in Raytheon from the upcoming war – not to mention the prospect of Oil deposits leading the way… one cant help but start to speculate if these factors could have played a part in this melodrama.

Submitted for your conspiracy loving approval, good creative types, is my original take on the 9/11 attacks.

President bush is a patsy. Sure Jeb could have been the president (at least he wasn’t an ex-drunk frat boy who could actually hold down a job [j/k GW, I love you – and you love your gynecologists praticin’ their love on women]) but it was likely that Jeb was simply too smart, and wouldn’t go along with what was to come. Bush played his part expertly, and in true thespian fashion, when he took on the role of the hapless lovable idiot, and willfully ignored the reports he’d seen of the oncoming onslaught… likely because daddy told him to.

George Bush senior profited nicely from the war, thanks to his association in the Carlyle group (actually during the 9/11 attacks he was at an investment conference sitting across the table from Bin Ladens “estranged” brother; Shafiq bin Laden) which specializes in military contracts. Carlyle, which is similar to Haliburton, scored 2.8 bil worth of contracts, and 1.2 bil worth of revenue respectively (Ex VP Dick Cheney, retired from Haliburton in 2000 with a 33.7mil retirement pkg., but amazingly still holds 50,000 shares in the business…) 

That’s a lot of paper!

It sure is. Seems to me with the foreknowledge of all the gold in the basement, and all the stocks they could play like a fiddle (to the sweet-sweet tune of moolah), that certain people had a very real interest in planning the attacks. How hard would it be, really, to pay off Bin laden, hire some mis-informed, but genuinely pissed off Arabs, and bring this all together like a bad grade school musical?

Here we go…

So basically, they hire some Arabs, from a legitimately American hating group, these nut-cases do as their told (not knowing all the while that their leader has been paid off), they crash the planes, someone usurps with the gold/silver, they all make a windfall in the stock market, and that’s that… oh and if this all were true, all the parties involved would still be making money – to this day – for their cheap shares in that Raytheon stock, and selling out their souls…

There you have it

As for the super-thermite theory… sure there might have been detonations in the central elevator shafts of buildings 1/2 (and sure they were out-of-order for a while in the weeks leading up to the infamous date, giving – anyone ambitious really – unrestricted access to the structure’s main support area that surrounded the central elevator shaft), and these detonations might have aided in the collapse of the towers – as they were theoretically designed to withstand a plane larger than the ones that had his it – but we’ll never know, and it seems immaterial to the real goals of the group, other than ensuring that the towers fell.

As for the disappearing plane in PA, and the rumors of no wreckage found… Always be sceptical. A quick poke around the internet spat out hundreds of images of the site spewing up engine parts and seats from a shallow spot of red earth just beneath the surface.

Why did tower 7 fall? A corner beam of the banana peeling tower one was tall enough to reach out and smash through the alternately designed web column structure of tower 7… add into that the rumors of fire, and this aspect is explained away, and, so far as i can tell, is inessential to the core of the real meat to this conspiracy theory.

Was the Pentagon hit by a missile? again, non-essential. The crux of the conspiracy is the money, the rest of these details are intriguing, but only distractionary when it comes to the linchpin of the operation… Gold.

Why gold you ask?

Well I’m a fiction writer, and now that this whole crazy list is all said and done, I just couldn’t help myself but to have come up with my take on it all. That’s right – every conspiracy I’ve listed thus far, is connected! And I’m going to tell you how, in just a few days…

Until then: stay curious creative people, and always remain skeptical and observant… never judgmental 😉

Don’t stop now, only one more to go!

Find out if your favorite made the list, click that little Right arrow beneath you!


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