Osama Bin Laden; “The Bad Guy”, the day is saved!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Call to action, News, Philosophy
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~I love comics~








As a child I was an avid reader of Batman, Superman, Spider-man, the Flash, Wildcats, X-Men — anything to do with Wolverine really — not to mention all the others that I’d picked up on a whim and read voraciously throughout all hours of the night.

Late yesterday evening — when I’d heard the news about Osama Bin Laden — I couldn’t help but to be reminded of those golden days of yore, cooped up in my room, pizza bagels a-plenty, re-reading my favorite adventures again and again.

Wherever it was reported, the all the proclamations of his death seemed to favor a “Villian-esque” title for the fallen crime-lord, which was undeniably reminiscent of a comic book nemesis.

“We got him”, they’d say,

“We got the bad guy!”

“The Bad Guy is dead”

But something’s wrong, I can feel it. Something to do with the way this whole situation made me remember comics…

Let’s see if I can’t piece this out. Spider-man, one of my all time favorites, would often find himself in encounters with “Bad Guy’s” as he attempted to keep the peace, all while studying for his College finals out of his home in Queens, NY. Being myself a resident of the borough I have to admit I’m of a rather slanted point of view. You see, he does get the bad guy. Every time — Sure. And boy does he take a licking on our behalf — of that there can be no doubt!

The trouble is, he’s rather sloppy.

Clean up that mess!

Why just last week I went to use the “N” train to jump on into the city, only to find out that he’d been fighting some dude named “Scorpion” (one-name, like Madonna, this city…), over at my 30th Ave stop — and they “accidentally” demolished a portion of the track with a thrown car. We don’t know who threw the car, but as always I’ve got Spidey in my sights.

One can’t help but to wonder in the midst of all this do-good’erey if these guys would even be around in this measure — costumes and capes and whatnot — if Spidey himself wasn’t so aggressive or intimidating a foe? Does not necessity breed evolution? Also, with all that aside, guess who get’s to pay the increased taxes and fair hikes from now on, courtesy of his capers!?

Wait? What am I talking about? You guys should have stopped me — I’m really getting away with myself. This is only a comic we’re talking about. This isn’t real life. It’s not like my taxes are going up. My train fair is still the same. It still runs fifteen minutes late. It’s not like Bin Laden and his capturing are coming out of my pocket.

Wait a minute…

Hold on…

OH — Aw, Poo!

Turns out, this “War” has come with a mighty hefty price tag. I caught this little gem on twitter, @MichaelMoore: 10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and… Wait for it… 1,188,263,000,000! — That’s One Trillion, One Hundred Eighty-Eight Billion, Two hundred sixty-three Million dollars!

All to capture one man…

And in all honesty, there were other costs. Some estimate the losses in excess of Three Trillion…

~~Not to mention our rights~~

The Patriot Act

Violations/Limits to our freedom of speech

Habeas corpus


Staggering, isn’t it? I mean when it’s all laid out like that…

What could 1/6th of that money — $109,333,333,333 — do for our country? That’s about what we spend on Science, Energy, and the environment combined (actually only: 62,227,000,000 — we could have thrown in agriculture, and community development and still made it in with money to spare!). What could 1/1000th — a cool 656 mil — do for you? For your community? For the world?

What we spend on defense is crippling the lower classes — Myself included, Say Thank-Ya — and it is because of this, ole’ Spidey, that the day is not, in fact, saved.

US: Bloodied, broken, and depressed after battle...

~Let me see if I can find us a visual…~





Ahhh, here we are;

Found it here @ barryhermanson.org , “Green party Candidate”. I gave Barry a plug because he not only claims to have made his handy visual tool, but on his site he’s detailed just exactly how much money those chunks represent in good old greenbacks — Check it out (It’ll open in another window).

All this beckons the question, amidst our celebrations and proclamations of victory — as we all stand cheering at a public hanging — what have we won?

At least Peter Parker saves Mary Jane. What has our victory wrought?

And, more-so to the point, was it worth it?


We are not Super heroes. We might be able to fly, and shoot laser beams, travel faster than a locomotive, and stop speeding bullets, but we are living in the world which we createand we’re footing the bill as well.

Today, barely 48 hours after the death of a tyrant, maybe we should all be a little less celebratory about what we “accomplished”, and a little more solemn about what we gave up along the way.

And maybe, now that we’re done, we can lower the defense budget a little. It’s how, even from beyond the grave, Bin Laden is still kicking our ass.

Damn you arch nemesis!


  1. diane says:

    Very thought provoking. All I want to say is: They got him; now let’s get out of Afghanistan

  2. Bloody excellent post, Jared. You said it. So, Bin Laden is dead – now then, where’s this Gaddafi chappie ? Cue “Ride of the Valkyries” ……..da dada daa da……..

  3. PL Holden says:

    Yeah, I stopped giving a !#$* about the bin Laden death after the twentieth time I heard it which was less than an hour after somebody turned the news on at work. Congrats El Presidente, you got your eye for an eye, I bet the W. is all jealous now. He’ll have to face his dad at mother’s day an get the guilt trip about having all that time to catch the boogey man and then the new guy comes in and makes it look like a cakewalk.
    Thanks for the figures, it really puts into perspective how much potential we really have to make a real positive difference if we stop investing in hatred.

  4. Jo Bryant says:

    Great post – interesting read for someone who is not an American, but used to hearing a lot of hype from the Govt of the day about the need for all this.

    • Thanks, Jo.
      Indeed, we’re all merely pawns in someone else’s chess-match — just this time in history I’m afaraid. I hope you stop back by here real soon, there will be much more content just as soon as the dust settles over on my hectic end here. Plenty to talk about, we just need more ears here at the Parthenon, thanks for dropping in 🙂

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