The Headline of Tomorrow — “Video Games saved the World!”

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Call to action, Creative Inspiration, News, Philosophy
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Greetings, my handsome and creative team of dogooder’ers round the globe!

Today starts a big topic, BE WARNED! — I’ll give you a moment to tighten your suspenders…

Today, noble gentle folk of the internet, I’d like to talk to you about how Video Games will;

Save the World!

In light of my recent 99% post, and the wall of wild text that appeared therein, (in the form of my bickering’s college dissertation as it turned out in the end), today I thought I’d put down the cluebat for a change and start instead fighting for something more important than that — as we all should — our Future.

Basically, in the words of the immortal Popeye;

“I’ve griped all’s I can gripe, and I cant’s gripes no more”.


Today I thought I’d begin by proposing an actual plan, rather than merely standing motionless and agog at the sidelines of some low-budget horror show — a show I’m somehow a part of, and cruelly subject the the fallout from. Today, Word-press community at large, I’d like us to speed right on through our collective worldly denial stages — as it pertains to the growing number of gross nonsensicalities in our world — and land us all smack dab somewhere in the middle of acceptance.

So the World all fell apart and we failed.


The pertinent question quickly shifts from, “Who’s at Fault”, to — “What now?”

What now?

We start again.

We begin anew.

We press, “Reset”.

Video Games shall save the world.

This undeniably inspired epiphany struck me whilst I was at my mentally purest, in a state akin to the spiritually deepest level of traditional eastern philosophical Buddhist meditation (Take note readers — as I’m certain that this ancient frame of mind is the only place for this type of brilliance to manifest) — at about 4am, with more than a couple tumblers already down the hatch, as a good friend and I hit the reset button yet again in a seemingly ill-fated attempt at conquering a Old-School NES classic, “The Adventures of Link”, (Zelda II).


Mountain Yogis can’t achieve the clarity of mind I’m talking about here.


My people of the Insane and Creative persuasion alike, if no one has done so yet, I’d like to cordially welcome you to the World of Technology! A Magical World, in which we have the good fortune to live. Yes, yes — I hear the collective bemoaning echoing from my older crowd, but, (and no offense), this topic is about the younger generation. The very people who will be growing up to fill the shoes of world leaders around the Earth for the Planet of tomorrow — and the very same people who, like myself, grew up on gaming.

In a post that feels like a millennia ago, (My first one actually), I ventured deep into the harrowing haunts where the Evils dwell that sap our creative time.  I talked all about the myriad of things that easily kill a persons motivation and generally steal your thunder, and afterward I had more than a few friends come ask me why Video Games weren’t on the list.

Because I think Video Games, and the lessons they teach, (taken in proper doses mind you), can actually be beneficial to an individuals personal development.

Think about it. They’re a challenge in a box. An oddly controlled conundrum, a soon to be ancient puzzle box that rewards you for patience and a firm will. Adaptability is the name of the game, as you play in a world that someone else created and set rules for before you got there, (sound familiar?), and without that trait you will be all but lost. Games make you try until you win, or give up — simple as that — and, as a dividing line, that type of perseverance, and the simple capacity for it, is often a great indicator of a tremendous individual. It’s a required trait for talent.

So no, you can’t give up. Your pride’s on the line. Your silent and private judgment of your own self-worth, as it suffers there while you play, in a raw and sensitive state — while growing — this is where a Video Game pits you mentally. You learn trust and believe in yourself, and your ability to adapt.

All you need is your mind and your patients. You begin to remember what’s happened, you see patterns, and soon your accurately predicting what will happen next — you had to in order to survive. But should you merely survive, you now wonder? Or should you venture deep into that mysterious and murky, swamp laden labyrinth, where you’ll claim the legendary sword and better your experience from that time on?!? Either way, you better think critically and be ready to act on the drop of a dime, because in this game as in the real world there are no continues. But there are a few extra lives — or there might be.

So, like I was saying,

Last night we toiled and tried — Gannon is dead you see, a mere pile of ashes, but if we perish, either Chris or I as we pass the controller to and fro, our blood will revive the fallen warlord to his former graces, and he shall forever reign over the land of Hyrule with menace and malice in our leave.

Needless to say, that cannot happen.

Luckily, good people, a game is forgiving.

(Life on the contrary, is not).

It took us until 4Am, and cost us many a good man — but, we finally did it!

After working for hours in pursuit of our assumed goal, and subsequently realizing that all the while we’d been going the wrong way — we hit reset.

We failed again, as a previous magic draining strategy left us ill equipped for a new chamber we’d made it to — we hit reset.

We mastered the sequence without magic, burning another hour, and discovered the way to the boss… only to learn that we could not strike it. It, however, proceeded to kick our ass — again we hit reset.

We explored the entire castle in a fruitless bedraggled stumble for something we’d missed, anything really, and although we found many secret and strange rooms we never discovered a room with an item that allowed us to strike the boss. With our life drained, and trapped in a remote corner of the vast castle — once more we hit reset.

Failure, failure, failure seemed to be our only strategy, when the very ground beneath our feet gave way, and forced us back into the dreaded boss chamber with still no way to engage.

We’d spent forever at this, and as we were on our last life — the proverbial end of our rope — we were more than ready to trade the red and steaming controller for a nice long bout of counting sheep.

But what can I say, I’m a diehard.

I mean; I had a little magic and a little life yet in me, so I thought, “What the heck”, and i proceeded to roll the dice on two odd spells we’d acquired in our travels.

I knew it was a hailmary, but what can I say, I had nothing to lose.

The first spell, cheekily named, “Spell”, did squat. I mean ab-so-lutely nothing! Thank god I’d made my bed — I heard the lovely sirens call. The second spell, “Thunder”, though, my last-ditch effort — lit up the room with a crack! (Of thunder… Duh!), and painted a face on the demon that hovered above us, slavering perilous fireballs down in thick jets from his massive gaping jaws. Sure, I died — go ahead, laugh it up chuckles — but before I did, I’d managed to land a hit.

Wa-ha-ha... hah... hah...

— We hit reset.

This time we arrived at the bosses door with our guns-a-blazing, and primed for action. This castle had bested us many times before, but our experience had guided us through this run with only minimal chinks to our defense as we arrived at his front door.

We were ready.

The boss hovered in — that bastard — and we activated the, “Thunder”, magic.

There’s that hideous face.

We lunged at it, his weak spot, flailing at it wildly as we took a massive beating from his magic, until we found ourselves near to death.

All seemed lost…

But before our nemesis could deal the final blow — we snuck in close for two cheap shots, and he froze mid-air.

And exploded!!!!!!!!!!!

Could it be?

Had we done it?…




If you’re a gamer, than you know the feeling I’m talking about here.

We’d done it, we’d won. All those hours, all those continues — it was all over. We did it. We’d figured it out.

On a personal note: these older games are so much more gratifying too — no map to aim your wandering, no tutorials to show you what to do next — and we used absolutely NO internet (Put the computer down NOW Chris!) — so indeed, we took great pride in this achievement. And frankly we deserved to.

It took hard work.

This is what I’m trying to say, my good people, (if you haven’t pieced it together already on your own). The lesson that the world should take, in my opinion, from Video Games and the same idea that I’m planning to apply to the posts that will follow this post about this general topic, is that when we hit this reset button as a society — and we’re forced to make critical changes to the very way we live and play — we have an opportunity.

We’ve hit reset haven’t we?

So now, can’t we can try again?

Only this time, lets change our strategy to reflect what we’ve learned so far.

And there it is.

I want the generation of gamers that are on their way unwaveringly, like myself, toward “Depends”, to earnestly take this philosophy of growth and reinvention, in reflection of the path of least resistance, to heart. Remember your lessons of youth, Mia Culpa. Remember the trials and tribulations you’ve seen, recall the puzzles you’ve bested, and always remember to say 3 hail Princess Peaches every Morning, After-Noon, Evening (Ma-Jong tournament), and Night.

We need to start running this crazy place like we’re after the goal of bettering ourselves and our practices — like, and as well as, our character.

Thanks for dropping by everyone!

Remember; constantly reinvent yourself. Never be afraid. Do it whenever you can, and imbue your aims with every failures lesson, no matter how small. It’s the only way to seek truth 😉

P.S. ~

This week I want to dive into a few key issues in the restructuring of our world after a hypothetical collapse. So, coming up this week, time permitting, (Say Thank-Ya), and gaming aside — this is a rough idea of the topics I want to take a stab at reorganizing for the better, after the great “Reset”.

Here we go;



Peoples mindset/outlook,

Balance and conservation in how we operate as a species,

The Environment and general sustainability,

Our Governments, how they can be quicker to action and less wasteful,

How we consume our time, with entertainment and what we hold in high regard on the block,

And our global ability to act creativity — the most important concept of all for our species development.

I look forward to all your comments and suggestions, as this is all still very up in the air. 🙂

Be well,


  1. PL Holden says:

    Video games are awesome, you get to be invincible and stuff!

  2. When I saw the title about video games saving the world, I thought for sure your post would be about THIS:
    Good post. I do not personally enjoy video games, but I do enjoy other types of puzzles.

    • Glad to hear it, i love puzzles myself. Video Games are an introduction to the concept of challenging yourself, and in turn finding and exceeding your own limits. Learning how to divine that out is a huge coo in bettering yourself as a person, and makes life in general that much easier to cope with — just got to get to that next level :-).
      Glad to see you again, i’ve been taking your thoughts to heart in my edits.
      be good, ~J

  3. Have patience, Jared. I’m catching up. I’m not a gamer myself but I can see the fun in trying to outwit the evil ruler of Thargon whilst he hides the necessary Nuclins needed for the world to continue past 18.30 on the fourth Lipsin of Talc in the year of The Ringlin.

    Your philosophy is a neat one, and I ag…ag…ag…ag…ag…(shit – hit Reset !)

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