The Big Reset: Part 1 – Food, Water, and Shelter.

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Call to action, Creative Inspiration, Philosophy, Short story
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We’ve done it, readers!  We’ve achieved the impossible!
The world is now, “Reset”.

Well now, what do you say we have a little look-see at what we’re dealing with here…

Well, it looks like… I mean it’s sorta raw, you know? It would have to be, wouldn’t it? And, furthermore, I would certainly think that there would have to be a… A sort of… Oh you know what I mean! I mean to say, a … That is to say, that if it all DID happen, I imagine that — That is* — nature would… Probably just take back over completely and…

Hold up.

Wait a minute…

What am I doing?

No one wants some stuffy explanation these days — they don’t have the attention spans. Damn kids. These days things need to be cinematic to be given any attention at all, am I right? Imagery and so-forth, yea? A sense of place, no?


Good. Glad we’re on the same page here. People should really experience things for themselves, you know. In a way, that’s kinda what this blog’s all about in the first place!

Ohhh! OH! I know! How about this!?

How about I let you experience it, and I’ll just sit here at my computer and narrate it?


What do you think? Sound good?

Well… — too late now — Here we Go!

I give you…

“The Reader, and the Great Reset


familiar, heady, and beautiful scent wafts past your nose, and a wild flash of childhood suggests that it originates from Daisies. You open your eyes, for the first time since “The Great Reset”, and find yourself in an untamed and breathtaking valley, strewn with adorable little forest critters and carpeted in Wild Strawberries and Flowers.

You quickly spy a Daisy in the mix, and smile.

All around you are others, like yourself, wandering through the meadow — but… for some odd reason they’re all naked… As you look down at your own clothing you quickly come to realize that you yourself are naked as well. But, as no one else seems to care, you merely ignore it for the time being and wander on over toward the group, shaking your head in amazement of all that has taken place. What a crazy world…

Here, people have begun to talk…

As you make your way over toward the crowd you sense thickness in the air, and immediately recognize severity in the heated and angrily overlapping exchanges of the bunch. One man, who’s strung a large dead frog around a makeshift grassy chain from his neck, stands at the front of the rest and is rallying away to all who will listen, (Which is most).

Your heart sinks, running scared and deep into your shoes, as you piece together the true scene of madness and chaos that is embodied in the crowd before you.

It’s too soon to be sure, but they all seem to be going crazy…

At first, fearing your own safety, you lurk at the edge of the circle, safely hidden away from all their prying eyes and keenly listening in for whatever you can make out — but before long, you find out precisely why they’re so stressed.

The Frog man on stage said it all, really. He’s saying the same things that people said right before the crash. There He stands still, shouting endlessly about the dreaded hopelessness of their existence, and the impossible struggle that lies before them.

Us, not just them”, you grimly remind yourself.

“The task is too tall,” He says, “The feat insurmountable. They should all just learn to cope with the fact: that they’re all as good as dead.

As he rallies and chants aloud his pessimism it quickly spreads like a virus throughout the scared and naked crowd, and you can tell that they’re all becoming host to it. Once the fear sinks in, you know, the situation will be completely out of control.

Unless you were that masterful puppeteer up at the front of the crowd, you think, then you would have all of it in the palm of your hand.

Looks like mankind’s second chance at existence might be doomed before it can even start…

“Someone”, You wish, more than think, “Should really do something.”

Infected with dread, and desperate for answers, the crowd is becoming increasingly persuaded by the misguided frog-man, and soon they will be, (you know all to well from history), mindless slaves to him — and whatever horrid way of life he invents for them on a whim.

“All they need is direction.” You think morosely, “He’s just pressing his talent.”

“And furthermore”, he continues, “I absolutely refute the decision that was made, without our approval might I remind you all, to hit, The Reset!”

He’s Lying to them all.

“This isn’t our burden,” he shouts, “This is Washington’s fault.”

It’s happening again.

“Big business is to blame”

It can’t be… not again… not the way it was.

“We were slaves to technology people, we bought crap we didn’t need, to impress people we didn’t like — because of what those bastards did to us!”


As you listen to their rantings, something odd clicks within your gut.

“Why had no one consulted us?”, He shouts.

Silently, somewhere deep within you, a spark flares — igniting a fire…

“Who gave them the right”, screams someone from the crowd.

“Yea, who gave them the right!”, echoes the growing mob.

The fire in your stomach rages!

“What are we supposed to do now?” Chimes in the ring leader.

You feel the fire of anger boiling away in your belly, and you begin to bead with sweat as you fiercely suppress voicing your own thoughts aloud…

“It’s hopeless,” Shouts an old and bearded man, “Hopeless!”

You feel the pressure mounting up — percolating violently inside of you…

A woman shrieks with horror, and others from the group join in to form a demonic chorus of wailing naked people.

(I really don’t think you can take this much longer…….)



You shout it with every fiber of your being — every ounce of energy in your body and every bit of intent in your heart — and you drain your lungs entirely in the pursuit.

Gasping for air you find the crowd glaring at you.

(Well you’ve got their attention now reader… What’s next?)

“No”, You proclaim, somehow boldly through your intermittent gasps for air.

“No. Not this time.” You say.

The herd of naked humans is intrigued by your words.

“This time, we’re going to do it right.”

Sauntering effortlessly toward the group, as if the day and their hearts had already been won, they part at your approach and open a path up to the stage for you. You mount it with a mighty hop, and seize the Frog Chain from this evil swindler who almost ruined humanity’s second chance, with a violent snatch.

“This is a Frog” You shout, hoping to infuse some logic into a crazy situation. “It’s an animal, or it’s food. It is — NOT — a necklace.”

The crowd stares at you like an injured puppy.

“Good. Now that that’s settled,” You add, “I have a plan.”

You speak it triumphantly and with great purpose, as you callously toss aside the frog-chain that’s begun to bleed down your wrist (It’s humanities only idol in this world of Reset, and you’re glad to see it go).

With poise and ease you make your way back over to the crowd, and as you do they yield to you yet again, opening another passage clear through their masses. You take the path, and stop midway — at the groups heart — seizing up a dead branch from the ground.

Hastily and with confidence you begin drawing plans, in the bare earth itself, for the future of your kind, at the heart of what is now, “Your People”.

A sly grin creeps up on your cheeks as you realize that the madman remains on his stage, but is long forgotten.

“I’m a gamer,” you begin, “And an avid follower of this awesome blog, by this Jared guy,” You say, “But more about that later. For now, we need to focus on three things: Food, shelter, and water.”

You pause, for dramatic effect. (You’re quite the orator you know that?)

“Alright then,” You continue, “enough sitting around. What do you say we all get dressed! Who’s with me?”

And thus ends this chapter of your great life after the reset…. What happens next you say? You begin the long process of laying out the plans to shape Humanity, Mach2. You succeed in engineering the wondrous World of tomorrow, and the people all rejoice. You then spend your days having crazy, off the wall sex with all types of desirable and attractive individuals, and eventually this leads you into finding your true love, and live-long partner, with whom you will spend the rest of your days — happily ever after.

~Haha, yea right! Good luck with that.~

The End


The mad-men, and the bad-men, are all gone in the world of tomorrow, good people — the rules of the game will change, as we all will know the face of truth and equality.

The truth is, we can live within our means, and we know how.

The truth is, we can set goals for mankind that are above money, and war — and we can strive to reach them together.

The truth is, we have a lot of room for improvement as a species.

I invite you all, mankind, to take a hard look up at the night sky one clear evening, and remember your place in space. We are but so young, so impressive, yet we’ve grown so smart!

But we’ve not yet become masters of our own destiny.

I ask of you: Why is that?

Why should we stand for that?

Since when is, “Good enough”, a place to stop?

We’re humans for Christs sake. We went to the Moon!

We isolate and accelerate the tiniest particles, smashing them at nearly the speed of light into one another, and garner, in turn, another piece of the puzzle every day, and yet we still can’t fathom planning out our future in space and time.

It’s high time we grew up world — and we should begin by acting intelligently about the way that we live.

So let’s do it readers, let’s do it together. Let’s reshape the world in our eyes to the way it should be.

I welcome all suggestions for what is to come.

Let’s change.

And I’ll tell you exactly about how I would begin… —–>————->——————–>—————–>—————->——————->—————->—————–>———>—>—>->->>>>

                                                                                 Starting next blog!


Completely lost? That’s cause this thread started last post! Ketchup little tomato: Here!

  1. … mean we can’t have crazy, off-the-wall sex after all ?……….maybe we need to write that into the programme…………

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