“The Great Reset”: Part two — “Goals”

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Call to action, News, Philosophy, Uncategorized
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Welcome back everyone!

It’s so nice to see you again 🙂

It feels like only yesterday that we last talked. Feels like it — It wasn’t… 2 whole weeks I left you waiting. What a Jerk I am! I am sorry… Life sure has a funny way of dictating your actions at times, doesn’t it (So much for covering my entire world restructuring challenge in one week — Free will my ass!)? But irregardless of that, I am, genuinely, glad to be back here with you, with a little free time to add another post to my beloved Blog!

Particularly am I excited to begin lying out the details of just how we should approach this monumental task of rebuilding of our world. Am I scared? Sure, a little. It seems like a big task…. Excited? You bet-cha! I get to be the architect of an entire planet! Jealous? Good — than that’s enough tomfoolery on my part I suppose — let’s begin.

Quickly, and before I jump right into this, I just want to make sure that you can actually follow what I’m about to talk about (You know, in case you’ve not been keeping up with the blog. Tsk, tsk — naughty, naughty…), so, here it is:

In brief;

Basically, in my last 2 previous posts, I stated my belief that the state of the world is pretty dire — but relatively easy to fix, it’s merely slightly skewed — and that with a little simple finesse, and through mild use of our (collectively ignored), good-ole’ noggins, it would be relatively easy to get us all back on track. And, to put my money where my mouth was, (What money? I don’t have any money! I’m such a comedian…) I offered to put pen to paper to produce, for you all, a plan — a plan we could all begin to put in place tomorrow, that would not only work in the short-term, but could potentially make the world the place that we all dream it could be.

~ How about  a world with more fun than work…

~ How about a world with more free time to spend with loved ones…

~ How about a world that provides unlimited resources for whatever your passions are…

That’s what I’m talking about. And it is possible — if only we tighten a few loose bolts, here and there.

See, I posed the idea that the Earth came with a ginormous, “Reset”, button — just like in a video game — and we’d pressed it! Now, with our clean slate to do with what we will, and with our previous, “Before the Reset”, knowledge in-tact — how would we proceed? How should we?

And, that’s it really… You OK? Ya’ need a minute? Go ahead, take your time. You come back when your ready, ya’ hear, and then you read beyond my moat of em-dashes ———————————————————————————— Alright? Good? You all revved up and ready to go? Excellent, let’s move forward.

Yea, sure, the world is pretty messed up right now…

He actually bazinga'ed an old classmate of mine during his romp btw...

And we all want to know exactly who’s to blame, right? Who do we get to point the finger at? Because surely this crazy, two-timing world of ours, can’t be the result of our own doing — it must have been someone else! — and as soon as we know who that rapscallion is, that diabolical individual (As the “thinking”, seems to go), will begin his/her retribution to society at large, and all our current strife will just merely… melt away. Right? And won’ t that just make us feel oh-so-much better?


Come on, you had to see that coming! That’s just plain old flawed logic. It’s not anyone’s fault in particular — collectively, we really must stop saying that (it’s preventing cooperation) —  it’s just been our natural progression across our existence as humans… Again, i feel compelled to tell you: IT’S NOBODY’S FAULT! Hate to burst your, “hate bubble” here, but, regardless of your stance on the situation that’s A’ brewing across this world, it’s likely that you’re wrong.

Let me be clear — It’s NOT: the evil FED, the lazy hippies, or the big business tycoons alone. Nor is it the fault of the sly salesmen of our day, the age of the internet, or any number of homeless citizens among us — who so obviously have life figured out, but yet heartlessly won’t share their secrets with us (dem bums!) —  but, rather, my good people, our situation today is the result of many varying factors, which took place over many hundreds of years — each with their own rhymes and reasons for coming about in their own time…

Think about it;

We all started out (much like the example from my last post), innocent, naked and in some field with nothing more than nature — We had nothing, and we knew nothing (remember though, that back then, ambivalence didn’t come with a cost. Today that is certainly not the case).

Did we know what the sun was — that mystical and giant fiery ball in the sky? Hell NO.

Did we know that the invisible sensation dancing across our skin on a windy day, was caused by Air — or even what air/wind was??? Certainly NOT.

Do you suppose that any caveman, ever, had even the slightest capacity to grasp, even the basic notion of, or the inherent implications therein, long-term, daily compounding interest for on a loan and/or any of its calculatory variants — which depend unwaveringly on a myriad of seemingly innate, and irrelevant factors?

What? NO — Heck NO — Wow! Seriously, I don’t even know what i just said…

Here’s the thing:

We didn’t know, because we didn’t need to know. Ignorance is bliss. We only worked to meet our needs. We didn’t try to exceed them, like we do today, because we simply couldn’t (Ya think a caveman put in a 9-5, 6 days a week? I think not.). Honestly, at the time, we had a whole lot more to be worried about. Can you take out a Panther, armed with only your bare hands? I rest my case… Feeding ourselves, protecting ourselves from the elements, and surviving — that’s it… Those were our goals. And, even though we’ve overcomplicated things these days, they’ve maintained our goals (whether we realize it or not), all the way up from mankind’s infancy, into his teenage years (which is where we are now) — and I say, (and I hope you agree), that its high time we grew up, people, and left our reckless and crazy ways in the past. Let’s become Adults, shall we?

It's A Meeee, Marioooo. Always eat your magic-mushrooms!


Adults take responsibility for their actions, and mitigate risks.

Teenagers consistently shirk responsibilities for fun, (and nutritionally bereft fast food…).

Adults plan ahead, as they understand that their very lives, and well-being, hang on a beam built of their cumulative actions.

Teenagers live in the moment because they can — they have a safety net of sorts behind them which insulates them from careless actions (Their parents house [Or a big stock of Oil]).

Adults budget, and carefully consume their resources — which time has shown them to be finite.

Teens spend recklessly, always on the next big fad or legendary chase (absolutely heedless of destroying their essential reserves, or if their lofty goal was ever even attainable at all…).

As we run out of resources on the planet, our ability to play the role of the “teenager” is rapidly diminishing…

From cavemen and their beloved Wheel, all the way to our discovery of Oil and it’s easily harvestable energy, we recklessly careened along our timeline, growing all-the-while, completely oblivious as to HOW we operated — HOW was irrelevant (like it is for the stereotypical teen) — all that mattered is that we did.

See, these toolsthis type of invention that characterizes mankind — halted, entirely, our physical evolutionary process (Yes, Neuroscientists, I know; our brains still are still changing. [Barely] But, our body’s form, as human, is, at this point, set in stone — like it or not — unless we change it ourselves through genetics…). No longer do we require the painfully long evolution process to, for example, match the Giraffes ability in nature to reach the top branch with an extra long neck, do we? Now we either we climb, or employ a ladder, (Or find another food source. Or cut it down. Or kill the Giraffe, and eat him — that long-necked bastard. Or — a million other things!). See what I mean? Times have changed.

No longer will WE ever change to suit our environment, but, rather, our environment must now change — in order to adapt to us.

As such, we have become the masters of our own evolution. How we interact with the world is our choice now — it’s never been this way in history before, and it’s definitely never going to turn back to how it was — save for massive extinction (which is highly doubtful). So, I say, in the immortal words of the omniscient Nike corporation (product placement royalties anyone? CALL ME!).

“Just do it”.

They're SO going to call!

Let’s plan our trajectory — why not? We can, we know how, and it’ll help. Plus it’s the only way for us to keep growing as a species (not to mention it’s the only way that we can begin to climb out from this rut we’ve fallen into). So, let’s just frickin’ do it! Cool with you? I knew it would be. That’s why i like ya’ reader! You’re alright 😉

See, that “There’s only one right answer”, approach (blaming one factor), is an obsolete thinking paradigm that occurs due to the way we were all taught in school. Sir Ken Robinson, does a marvelous job of explaining this concept in his (now world-famous), TED talk. (TED website, case you don’t know what that is — and you SHOULD if you come to this blog! My favorite version of his presentation, HERE — animated!) In reality many factors have led us to the crazy state we are in today.

So we’ve played the blame game, and it left us bitter. We occupied our streets, to show the world that we’re fed up. Now, i ask you all — what are we going to do about it?

Well — looks like I cant tell you today. Too long — sorry. But I’ve brought in an expert for help, and a second opinion on my plan, before I get into the fine details and tell you. Let’s see what I come up with….

~~~~~~NEXT TIME~~~~~~

Be well readers — Until we meet again, (on my next day off!)


P.S. — Keep Wikipedia free to use and banner free, with a quick donation.

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It’s the right thing to do, this is something like the library of the future. It’s a place for ideas, like my website, and i want it to thrive. (Broke as i am, and constantly joke about, i gave my 20$, so please — give a little if you can. Thank you.

  1. ONRPEI.CA says:

    Awesome post man. That’s some really constructive philosophy you got goin’ on!

  2. O,Like it, I’m with you so far….now, over the page…………

    • C’ya there.!
      (And for everyone else reading this; think of Al and I as air traffic controllers attempting to guide your low gliding mouse on over to that Lil’, “Right” arrow just beneath this blurb. 🙂

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