Once again — no hesitation — here we go!

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” ~ Mark Twain

In honor of this — here’s ten reasons why our Government doesn’t deserve our support lately 😉

(Sidenote: WE BEAT SOPA TODAY!!!!! Now, help keep it that way.)

~~~~~ This Final Post is in 3 Parts — here’s part-1 to get you properly started! ~~~~~

Here’s my Top Ten — cause who doesn’t like a good list 😉 !?


Remember; Of the people, by the people, and for the people — makes no mention of government or business…


1- Overturn corporate personhood, or “Citizens United” ruling: Why should corporations be granted the same rights of a citizen under the 1st amendment? This is the Bill of Rights, it’s for people — not businesses! Do I really need to list the differences? Also, in the meantime, how about we force our elected officials to wear a sewn on brand name logo for each of their sponsors — just like NASCAR drivers — so that we really know who’s pulling their strings!

2- Overturn Buckley VS Valeo: Money is not speech. Because if it were, those with it could talk, while those without — like myself — become mute. It’s an insane loophole, and wholly nonsensical.

3- Stop allowing patents that limit invention: Company’s are currently allowed to make faulty products, and control their competition, through buying up patents that would allow competitors to gain a leg up, and/or invent something that would do the job better. This is insane! How can we allow a patent to be placed on a product, so that it WONT be built!? This is backwards logic! With the goal of creation held above all else, this is completely against progress! Ideas should be free — take any of mine if you wish, I offer them freely — as only the best end product should rule the day. Heck, I have half a mind to outlaw patents all together, due to their ability to stop others from using an invention to create something better for us all. Perhaps a residual scale would be more prudent, like in my acting world, as a way to better promote innovation, and acknowledge inventors, than disallowing use of their invention altogether.

4- Congressional seats cost Millions to run for, Presidential races — Billions: NO!, no wayyyy! You want to call yourself a Democracy America, and you want to spread this “pure and perfect philosophy” of yours around the world, yet this can happen? We better perfect this method at home first, before we go spreading it around the Globe. What if I wanted to run? How could I possibly finance my way there? Beg borrow and steal, and owe allegiances to those 400 people mentioned before? No thank you! Limit the amount that can be spent, to — oh i don’t know — nothing… Nothing but what you can prove comes from your own pocket? How awesome to see You-Tube videos of the possible nominees…

5- Abolish the 2 party system: As I’ve mentioned before, uniting under a banner prevents organic thought. It’s like the Yankees VS the Mets, but this isn’t sports! Nobody agrees with EVERYTHING that either party stands for, and if they do, than they aren’t thinking hard enough, nor for themselves — nor divergently, which is the most important of all. I suggest that we disallow candidates from announcing their party whatsoever, and make the people vote not on individuals — but issues. The person who is most aligned with the answers to this, “Voting test”  that people will take, on current issues around the world, will in turn place a vote in the name of the candidate who is most closely aligned with your beliefs. However… if we can’t abolish it, lets add to it! — If we can’t remove the two-party system, I suggest a new party — “The Intellectual party”; who will make smart and just decisions that have only the people’s needs at heart.

6- Balance the budget: Look, a government should not be able to live beyond its means — just like a person. We can’t get credit lines when we don’t pay our bills, and a nation should be no different in this regard — particularly when we, the people, foot the bill. We need to pay off our national debts, and eliminate the FED and this debt-built system once and for all! Let’s get, “in the green” again. How? Make a new currency that we own, that is OURS, “The Peoples Paper” perhaps, whatever, and make it more valuable than the old Federal Reserve Notes, and then — simply pay them off! Thank you — please (don’t) come again!

7- No more hiding the truth: No more lies, no more clandestine plans, no more making decisions without our consent. Everything we do needs to be made public. We need to be able to know, quickly and coherently (and without lawyer babble), what’s going on with us as a nation, and why we are doing the things that we do. And, if we don’t agree, we should have the right to a public veto which could even overrule the president/monarch him/herself! All this should be a part of the new Data.gov proposed governmental website!

8- Limit insane lawsuits, a type of tort reform: People these days are being rewarded for not thinking and acting the fool. If you cut yourself while breaking into a building to rob the joint, how is it OK that you can then sue the business? How about a, “Common-Sense Law”! Also, much like our friends across the pond, the person who’d dragged everyone away from their jobs to sit on a jury, for this BS case, so that they could try this ridiculous money-making scheme (which will surely pervert the bill of rights to their greedy whim), should have to pay everyone present for their time — after being kicked out! The Judge, the lawyers, the jury, the bailiff — EVERYONE! We’ll see if that wont make people think twice about this type of malarkey!

9- Legalize it: Legalize all drugs. Seriously. We’re still consuming them, people get them when they want them, and by having them be Illegal, A) we’re forcing people who want them, perhaps for just an experiment, to become part of a criminal syndicate to do so, AND, B) We’re causing a war in Mexico, as the cartel has come about as a direct result of our undying need for all things illegal and druggy. I hate to sound callous, but choosing your own destiny is an inherent right of a truly free and sovereign people, and if an adult chooses to live his/her life in the dregs, just for that next hit — well, than, I’m sorry… but that’s their prerogative. If everyone’s truly equal, than we can’t assume ourselves “Better qualified” to tell others how to lead their lives. If they die, they die, and it was meant to be… However, I have a feeling that family and community will take personal interest in these lost souls — especially when there isn’t a criminal factor involved — and with the right support, and the right conditions in the world, these people wont want to live life this way at all.

10- Stop bailing out businesses with our money, abolish wall street: It’s legalized gambling… with our money… and it’s unessential! How is it OK to have enough of our money tied up in this, that it can affect our very economic strength/stability — when these people are merely placing bets on how a Company will do within the next few seconds? Do all the research you want, it’s a guess. And research has proven that outside factors can influence these people on “The Floor”, which can alter their practices, and cause them to influence markets around the world. It’s too much power to be placed in a silly gambling hall.


NO -- I will not Pay! (OK maybe I will, I don't like prison. Bullies.....)


These changes are a start, but let’s remember our ULTIMATE GOAL: that high fiving, free society, that’s been smart in its investing, and has permitted its people to “Retire”. There’s a funny thing about retirement though, people don’t just stop living — they finally find a passion and pursue it. Imagine what this World could be, if people could do that from birth?

Let’s get back to the ways of the founding fathers: of, by, and for US — THE PEOPLE!

Protests in the US are not low-level terrorism!

OWS protests in the UK are not part of a terrorist regime!

The “Detention bill” is INSANE!

Our governments influence has grown far too large in some regards, and has shrunk far too small with others, particularly with what really matters — serving the people! This is not a Democracy we have here — it’s a corporate dictatorship; only concerned with the bottom line. Again I’ll say — Surely we can have a loftier goal for mankind than amassing stacks of greenbacks. The game’s rigged people, and we’re all playing as the away team –whilst somehow still being on our own turf…


So, Surprisingly, in the end — maybe the Mafia had the right idea. Perhaps giving power to individuals voices to effect change is the right way to go. Maybe we should have a leader on every floor of an apartment, on the corner of every street, and have them alternate to avoid corruption. These people can then have two meetings, two times a week, where we can address our needs, if we have any — and if they can’t handle this issue of ours, they can pitch it up the chain of command either as our representative, or if we’re more knowledgeable, we would go ourselves. From the block, to the town, to the city, to the county, to the state, to the time-zone, to the country — and right on up to the White houses door, should this individual and his/her question go, if it can’t be solved along the way. And in this way, they can finally hear about, and efficiently deal with, the bastards who are slashing our tires!

But who knows….

Certainly not me.

I’ve written over a tenth of a novel on this subject by now,

and am confident that it COULD be done…. But will it?

That, my friends, is the question that truly needs answering.


(Well that, and will anybody ever read this?)

Who knows, but I’d guess — probably not 😉


  1. In response to number 9, I believe drugs should be legal so they can be taxed, money would flow again and those who are in jail for pot possession and use may be set free. PS. Great blog!

  2. I would take all your points and use them. I would love to see politicians with”Nestle” or “Unilever” or “Drink Coke” or somesuch on their collars. How about answering heavy duty questions wearing a peaked cap with “SAP” on the front (Geddit ? 😉 ).

    Legallise drugs, yup.

    The thing that infuriates me here, and I guess it might be the same with you guys, is that despite all this bollocks about western democracy being the model blahdi -blah, we invariably return a minority Government in the UK. Cameron is PM, thinks he’s the big cheese and acts like it, and yet only 23% of the population voted for the t&*t . 23% !!!! But that’s the model system we have. And these leaders swagger around “speaking for the Nation” . Bulls*7t . They speak for those who have paid them to speak.

    So, on the back of all your great ideas, Jared, I would add one further suggestion – if we cannot change this sickness ridden system how about we just take our ball home and say, “Sod it, we’re not playing anymore.” “You want to start another war. Iran ? Pakistan ? go ahead. But you’ll have no soldiers. You fly the plane. You want to put up the price of food. Go ahead. We’ll occupy all that barren prime real estate land that has lain bare for years and plant crops, and no, you can’t have some. You want us to pay more tax so you can bail out the banks? Tough titty. Me and several hundred thousand home owners who have paid our mortgages reliably believing you are in control are no longer going to pay fo your cock-ups. Oh, and by the way, we think the house is worth what we’ve paid for it,so thanks and goodbye.”

    There was a figure announced in the UK last week that the number of people eligible to vote but didn’t bother to even register at the last election was 6.5 million – double what it was 10 years ago. As I stated above, we have long had an unrepresentative Parliament and a minority leader. We are heading towards less than a 50% turnout. And the politicinfiddle while Rome burns.

    Good series, Jared. Got my ire ire-ing anyway. 🙂

    • ……..it should say, of course…………And the politicians fiddle while Rome burns…….dman thsee laptop kyes.

    • Thank you, Al.
      And my initial thought was a, “GAP” cap, but i suppose “SAP” works just as fine 😉
      Awww, it’s fun to laugh at our modern Nero’s as they pontificate while the rest burn…
      All i know is that I’m mentally exhausted, but I’m glad to have it all out and down on paper, or whatever — Ones and Zeros. I don’t know what to do anymore. I, naturally, won’t give up — but i feel like that’s not enough. I wish i had an opportunity to effect change, but sadly, after stacking all the facts in one neat lil’ place, i doubt i will ever see it in my lifetime.
      And, yes, I’m with you. After all this i just don’t want to play anymore. This is madness we’re living through. It’s so convoluted, so unnecessarily so, and nothing at all seems poised to change. I love nature, i would totally dig farming, and now this seems like a swell alternative to what we’re dealing with.
      I wonder if people aren’t showing up to Vote out of apathy, a condition I’m not entirely convinced that has arisin naturally, or out of frustration with the lack of good options.
      Anywho, i did have fun with all these in the series — i learned a lot — but as for me and my mental health, it’s time to let go and refocus on book edits.
      Next week will be simple, whimsical, fun, and utter nonsense — and i cant wait!

  3. PL Holden says:

    Thanks for putting things in perspective yet again and sharing your ideas for free! I`m Canadian, but have always felt we are influenced heavily by the US, therefore I think it`s fair to say I`m riding on the same tides.
    Number three about patents really struck a chord for me, since I`ve spent a grand total of zero days studying engineering and I`m able to say with certainty that many items on the market were built to eventually fall apart. For a toaster, it`s not such a hard pill to swallow, but for an automobile and the environmental impact of disposal (not to mention the wasted money on parts & labour) it`s hard to believe we aren`t driving cars much longer than 15 years or so. And as far as fuel goes, there must be a better solution out there than oil.

    • Hey, Pete — My pleasure!
      There are solutions, as numerous as the stars in the sky, but if we don’t try to shift soon (as the transition represents a LONGGG process for our kind), we’re gonna be in a heap of trouble bigger than Santa’s holiday stockpile of coal for his naughty list!

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