Quotes from my Insane Brain, Pt-1

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Creative Inspiration, My Quotes, Philosophy, Uncategorized
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A good quote will change your life,

(This Gandhi quote changed mine.)

They’re magical in that way; transformative.

Quotes have a way of getting through to us — better than any well worded argument, and certainly more efficiently than some protracted article. They’re compact, succinct, and speak right to the soul.

Rather than disseminating a convoluted thought outright, which can tend to be unsettling, belittling, and quite wordy, (leaving us with our guards up, rather than, the intended, down), a good quote will culminate as the reduction of a complicated idea into a neat little tidy package, though still well worded and true its nature, that, instead, helps the listener to figure out the concept for themselves.

I owe a lot to quotes…

…And it’s likely that you do too. For me, when I look back across my life, every milestone I’d ever hit had an apt quote waiting there to accompany it.

Whether it was the golden rule as a young boy, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31), which came about at a time when I was considering violence as an answer to my young frustrations, or the famous Fitzgerald quote as an adolescent, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”, arriving just in time to help me deal with the contradictory philosophical implications I’d been encountering in literature, or even, “The only measurable difference between Genius and Insanity can be found in their degrees of success”, that, as an adult, guided me in founding my Blog: Quotes were always there to help me find my way.

Creative Inspiration

It’s what this blog is supposed to be about.

It’s tough out there… for all of us — and especially for those of us who dare to create. You might be a chef, or an artist, maybe a scientist, or possibly a fighter — heck, you might even be an actor/writer struggling to make it in the big city — but, from time to time, you’re likely going to feel exhausted. Depleted of what you’d once been full of, and once ready to share with the world.

When I drew up the concept for this Blog, it was for you; the creators.

I’d wanted to make sure that there existed a place in the (virtual) world where you could go to re-charge your batteries. To feel better, fuller: confident to forever produce. But, I see now, that it’s not just for us, “Current Creators” alone — it’s for everybody!

I’d like to inspire the world to create!

I’d truly like everyone to know that they all have something awesome within them, brimming up behind their eyes and poised to burst forth from their ears, ready to explode out and change the world — and all they need to do is believe in its existence for it to manifest. There’s another quote of Einstein’s which had, in part, inspired this revelation — “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. And it’s true, and we all know it to be — EVERYBODY’S A GENIUS.

So… Why not me?

That’s the question I began to ask myself. With all this motivation I’ve been consuming over the years in order to create, put in place and inspired by people all throughout the world and across its history, shouldn’t I want to give something back? Shouldn’t I try, regardless of the potential outcome, to inspire others with my own words?

And, possibly more importantly, do I even have anything worthy of sharing?

So, it was with this thought in my head…

…that, back in January, I began to try. I allowed the world’s customary daily lessons to inspire me, (rather than beat me down), and began attempting to not only identify, but understand and condense these lessons into unique quotes of my own, jotting them down as I went along throughout my day. I then began putting them onto a public forum, I.E. Facebook and Twitter, because I knew that they couldn’t possibly do anybody any good if I just let them lie fallow on my smartphone.

Are they any good?

Well, good readers, that’s for you all to decide — as I’m going to share them with you starting today. There are quite a few for you to read too… I have amassed over a hundred novel quotes (if they could so be called 🙂 ), of my own by now, and, throughout the next couple weeks, I plan on posting most of them here for you to read.

I’ll try to stick to the better ones.


I’d love your feedback on these, and possibly, If I inspire you somehow, your story — but I’ll settle for just a click of the, “Like” button.

Ahhhh, WordPress…

In any case, for me, this series couldn’t have come at a better time, for I’ve got these brain appetizers on hand, and I’m going to be quite busy for the next few weeks, so they will free me up to focus on my book edits. For simplicity’s sake I’ve broken the quotes into categories — “Motivation”, “People/Politics”, “Endurance”, “Advice”, “Success”, “Truth”, and, “The Self” — though they don’t have to pertain to the named subject alone.

Again, I sincerely hope that you enjoy, are inspired, or perhaps just get a chuckle, for my pervasive humor has found its way into these as well; my genuine takes at being sincere and helpful. You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

And now,

without further ado,

I give to you my first category,


(please enjoy)

“First comes the realization that you can be more; better, full. Then you walk the path; it’s long, arduous and more trying than you could imagine. It takes years. Finally, if you’re lucky, you make it through. At the end of it all, it wouldn’t have been the gall it took to decide, nor the will it took to walk, but the fortitude it required, and the faith, to believe that the end existed at all as you went along your way.” — Jan 27th, 2012

“Perseverance, not innate talent, nor connections, nor financing, always has been, and always will be, the defining factor of greatness. Keep going. Yes, you can.” — March 9th, 2012

“Love your scars, for they prove that you have lived.” — Feb 10th, 2012

“Recycling failed life strategies will yield nothing but failure in life. We cannot look back and long for what was or what might have been, we must instead look ahead with optimism, actively crafting what still can be.” — Jan 26th, 2012

“Enjoy the cold, embrace it, go with its vibe. For life is about living, and nature’s part of life; let it remind you your still alive.” (First really cold day of the year) — Jan 4th, 2012

“Worth is a fickle beast, as the more deserved of it you are the less aware of it you must be.” — March 5th, 2012

“To make a “Bucket list” when you’re older is a great idea, but why wait!? Make one today, start tomorrow, and when you’re ready to kick the bucket you wont notice — you’ll be too busy kicking ass.” — Jan 20th, 2012

“The best way to deal with negativity? Positively ignore it.” — Feb 19th, 2012

“If all you give is effort, and all have is hope – than all you can possibly want you already have.” — Jan 16th, 2012

“Sometimes you play all the right notes, perfectly and with all of your heart — only to the wrong audience. Never give up.” — Jan 6th, 2012

“Success and failure are interchangeable as a result of an ambition. Learn to love both, as they are the Yin and Yang of your inevitable success.” — Dec 28th, 2011

“If every day you lived was perfect, you’d have no reason to get up from bed. What would you look forward to? The same old crap — that’s what. It’s all about perspective.” — Jan 5th, 2012

“It’s rare that things will happen in, “your time”. Thus, expect the really great ones to come around when you’re wholly preoccupied — aren’t you glad the universe has a sense of humor?” — Dec 19th, 2011

“People say waiting is torture — but meditation is akin to waiting, if only your mind is right. It’s all in how you look at it.” — Dec 27th, 2012


  1. Really enjoyed this. Looking forward to additional catagories! Domo!

  2. Nice one. Apparently an interviewer once said to Einstein that if he’s so clever how come he doesn’t now his phone number, “Ah, ” said the great man, “but I know where to find it.” I take this as a steer not to fill my head with crap. Looking forward to more inspiration.

    • Well said, and thank you. It’s amazing how many little things I can’t recall what so ever, but a good quote will always stick with me for life — and I really like that one. Quite a prudent lesson. I wonder if the interviewer even got it, or just mentally scoffed and thought less of the legend.

  3. SaptarshiC says:

    ” Cry me a river, build me a bridge;
    Then do me a favor,
    And jump off it. “

    • I don’t know where this comes from, but I am in love 🙂
      Reminds me of…
      “Somewhere out there in the world there is a tree, which has been tirelessly converting carbon dioxide into oxygen it’s entire life so that you may breathe and have been able to live. I beleive you owe that tree an apology.”

  4. …”perfectly and with all of your heart”…
    I know that isn’t supposed to be sad, but it is.

    • Yea, you’re right. I brought the tone down a bit for that because momentous effort is a requisite for that one to apply. It was inspired on the subway, when a very talented violinist came onto my “N” train and played an upbeat, adapted version of Beethoven’s 5th to a wholly disinterested and annoyed group of passengers — thought it was brilliant! I gave the guy a five, he really brightened my day, but i was the only one who gave him anything… Poor dude, i hope he kept on trucking!

      • That would have made my day too. I happen to know a very talented violinist who was trained through standards of memorization and perfection but later grew to reject that. She is now very into musical improvisation and is in a rock band.

        • Good for her! Breaking convention like that :-), I really love to hear about anyone just inventing straight from the heart. If all we ever do is worship the old ways, that’s where we’ll forever be. It’s time to try new things and move on, and she’s the type of people doing the good work!
          Trying new things doesn’t always work out tho, unfortunately… The other day i made a smoothie and, for vitamins, threw in a few cloves of garlic… Bletch!

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