Quotes from my Insane Brain, Pt-2

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Creative Inspiration, My Quotes, Philosophy, Uncategorized
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You’re never truly alone when there’s good literature around…

…And the same can be said for quotes.

Take it from me,

As I am a man whose spent a good deal of his life on his own. An only child, surrounded throughout my younger years by naught but hostility, a natural weirdo throughout and an abstract thinker to boot: these are not the traits that grant you companionship — though I was never alone.

Whether it was the tales spun in my beloved comics, the epic narratives which engaged me in my games, or the titanic span of an author’s mind I’d found within their writings, truly, I’d always had someone by my side. The advice I’d gleaned from these sources, far too voluminous to mention, quite possibly kept me sane for a great number of years (Or pushed me over the edge of insanity, the jury’s still out on that case…), and helped shape my outlook for the rest of my life.

Surely, than, I would be remiss to not attempt to do the same.

And so, the series of my own Quotations that I would like to share with you all today would be just that;


I kid... I use it to line the litter-box ๐Ÿ™‚

“Let it go. Whatever it is — It’s not worth it.
Focus on your goal. Whatever it is — It IS worth it.
Your mind can only process either one or the other — now, you tell me, which one’s worthy?” — Jan 28th, 2012

“If reality is shaped by your perception, and your perception is shaped by your temperament, than, unequivocally, you manifest your own reality. I’d watch that…” — Feb 16th, 2012

“Never open your mouth to speak freely at a table of strangers — as you’ve got no idea if someone there is in possession of knowledge which trumps your own.” — Jan 8th, 2012

“Looking strong and being strong are two very different things — one only has to hit a diamond with a hammer to know this is true.
Thus, be strong and useful when your time comes, not beautiful and frail.” — Jan 2nd, 2012

“With life, it’s all too easy to get caught up in living the way you were taught you should, and forget altogether that there was once a way that you’d wanted to live it.” — Feb 27th, 2012

“While growing a garden, as in life, one must prune back whatever is holding back the health of the plant.” — March 15th, 2012

“Modesty should only be applied honestly. Never be ashamed to express who you really are, nor your adventures with others, it might just inspire.” — Jan 21st, 2012

“Never lament something before you do it, you’ll skew your whole experience. Besides… that’s what after-words are for.” — Jan 14th, 2012

“Be careful how you talk to yourself, as it’s likely you’ll believe what you have to say. For, if you can’t trust yourself, who can you?” — Dec 13th, 2011

“Remember, everyone has their own internal lexicon with definitions and impressions unique to them, and them alone. Thus, never judge, for any action another takes is always just as justified as your own.” — Dec 30th, 2011

“Learn your instincts — or become slaves to them. Only when you are aware of their influence can you truly chose how to be.” — Dec 14th, 2011

“Mental endeavors are taxing, you will eventually find it hard to work. When you do, switch to physical tasks — as the body supports the mind, and the mind relies on the bodies strength.” — Dec 17th, 2011

“Constantly reinvent yourself. Never be afraid. Do it whenever you can and imbue your aims with every failures lesson, no matter how small. This is the only way to seek truth.” — Nov 7th, 2011

“The way I see it, the inherent problem in giving someone advice lies in the fact that the reason they probably need it in the first place is because they don’t listen.” – Jan 3rd, 2012


  1. A natural weirdo, huh? I don’t see it. As you say, our reality is shaped by our perception…
    This one is my favorite:
    โ€œLet it go. Whatever it is โ€” Itโ€™s not worth it.
    Focus on your goal. Whatever it is โ€” It IS worth it.
    Your mind can only process either one or the other โ€” now, you tell me, which oneโ€™s worthy?โ€ โ€” Jan 28th, 2012
    I might use that as inspiration for a post of my own, if you don’t mind. I have been thinking along these lines lately, and I like the way you phrased it so simply.

    • Haha, I truly am a natural weirdo! But I don’t necessarily see that as a bad trait. Unique perspectives are weird when held against the norm, but they are also the only places that novel ideas are born — so I’m cool with it! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you so much for featuring one of my own on your site, Rayme! I’m glad to have been able to contribute.

  2. Posky says:

    Not a bad string of thoughts here at all. I see that you also live in Astoria. While I suppose it’s somewhat meaningless in a cosmic sense, I had no idea you were so close.

    At any rate, few blogs have profound thoughts let a lone a bunch all stuck in one convenient location. You’re making it too easy for your readers.

    • It’s not altogether meaningless if i can drag you out to sunswick one of these nights for karaoke :-). Had no idea you were out here either tho… Quick — Bearburger or burgerclub!? No thinking!
      And… perhaps you’re right. I might be making it too easy for them. But I’m on a blogocation (a blog vacation) as i’m working insane hours for this new pilot i’m involved with. So it’s OK. I take it easy on them, they take it easy on me, we all chill poolside with mojitos ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Posky says:

        I’ve dined at neither location yet. But, after walking by Bearburger twice, I’m convinced it’s the better option.

        Shoot me a message or email if you want to meet up or assemble an entourage sometime though.

  3. Reading all these, Jared, you encouraging us to rebel, boy? ๐Ÿ™‚

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