Quotes from my Insane Brain, Pt-3

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We’re all motivated in differing ways…

That's one way to get your cardio in...

However, finding the right motivation is key.

Proper motivation is arguably as important, and if not, more-so, than the subsequent product it will produce…

It will color it.

Shape it.

Taint it…

Choose something temporal as a motivator and you’ll soon find yourself with temporal satisfaction. You’ll forever after and always be chasing that next high. Though, choose something ethereal as a motivator — a lofty ideal, the wish for worldwide embetterment, a simple hope to inspire — and you’ll quickly discover a new plane of creation, ability, and overall zen at your fingertips.

I’m talking about happiness here, people!

It might seem convoluted, but just take the road.

And how you find your way to it!

Look, happiness if not some abstract thing, granted temporarily and only by medication, nor is it hard to come by, it’s abundant, accessible, and stems from doing what you love! You just need to have a little faith, the right atmosphere, and the proper motivation.

Now all this takes a careful eye…

…And it might take some changes. You might have to rethink your long-held friends, you might have to switch jobs and take a cut in pay, you might even have to avoid certain members of your own family — as we can’t help what inspires us, we can only change what we expose ourselves to…

Try to aim for support and positivity, though ensure that it’s not simply blind.

Appreciate critique, let it be your guide. Remember; we must fail, to learn, to learn not to fail.

Though, despite all this, motivation for any attempt is key — so here are some of my own thoughts on the matter…

I hope you enjoy!


“Give yourself permission daily to be awesome.” — Feb 1st, 2012

“Overanalyzation was a MAJOR factor in the Titanic sinking. The lesson: waffling too long over a decision is often worse than making a mistake. Plot your course, steer the wheel, hope for the best — and if you fail, pray the water’s warm.” — Jan 1st, 2012

“Stuck? Fed up? Stop. Breathe. Forgive. Appreciate. Now… continue.” — Dec 17th, 2011

“Only when you empty a vessel entirely do you then have the opportunity to fill it again with something completely new. Leave one miniscule mite from the past behind though, and the new state of the thing is wholly tainted by the old. Sometimes it’s OK to lose everything, as true reinvention always must start from scratch.” — Feb 6th, 2012

“Think about all the excitement and adventure that’s manifest due to technology and innovation.
Now, look up at the stars…
There are other worlds out there, and other individuals, innovating. What we have crafted thus far on our tiny blue speck, will someday soon be added to a universal commerce, and the adventure will grow exponentially, and for all of time… Given the inevitability of all this, what are you waiting for — go, innovate, and prepare to share your unique and important perspective with the Universe.” — Jan 15th, 2012

“Never let the fear of failure deter your efforts, for failure gives the gift of a lesson. Success yields nothing toward internal growth.” — Dec 12th, 2011

“Sure… It’s swell to have a plan for life, or, heck, even a strategy. Shoot, in a perfect world they might just play out as you’d hoped too. However, there’s a problem; we don’t live in a perfect world. Thus, merely have Goals: they are far less rigid than a plan in their ways, and permit for the occasional, and necessary, tap-dancing of life — a requisite to achieve.” — Feb 1st, 2012

“A wasted mind is not only one that doesn’t study, but also one that studies imprudently. What do you spend your time learning?” — Jan 10th, 2012

“To hold ones deepest desires close to the heart is essential in achieving them. However, trying to hold each step of the process in mind at once makes the feat simply insurmountable. Thus — Live in the moment, aim for the future.” — Jan 4th, 2012

“Awesomeness starts within, and then, eventually, finds its way out to shine onto the world. It can’t be faked tho — you’ll call your own ‘BS’.” — Dec 14th, 2011

“I never put much significance on a day — its still got just 24 hours. If you’re the resolute type, remember this; It’s not the day that brings the change, the day will fade and pass. It must then, be you — just like it’s been all along. Yup… I never put much significance on a day…” — Jan 1st, 2012

“The only difference between the world we want and the world we have is our faith in the possibility. Help us live up to our collective potential: do something great.” — Jan 12th, 2012

“Think about all the species of wondrous life which the Earth is host to — and yet us humans are the sole creatures here with the capacity to change our place and role in this world. Knowing now that choice is such a rare opportunity when it comes to life — why would we ever give it up? Or, worse yet, not express it?” — Jan 17th, 2012



There is also one other thing I would like to share here, in this category, though I felt it was simply too long to lump into the previous section of quotes. This was merely an excerpt from a heated online discussion I’d engaged in about money — which quickly got out of hand, (but was quite fun). The comment was well received, and so I saved it. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts 🙂

“Q- What is the goal of humanity?

A- At its basics: To survive, and evolve. Our evolution IS invention. Thus, our greatest goal should be to A) provide for survival (which is easy to do if we focus on it), and B) Invent — now that’s the tricky one. See, to be good, you need to train, and to train, you need time. You need to work at a craft every day. We are staring down the barrel of a new world. One that provides the basics. If that were to happen, and again — it could if we made it the focus — then what would people do with their time? Either invent, or consume. EACH AS IMPORTANT AS THE OTHER, as this will be the NEW currency. I, as a creator (Writer/actor) will still compete with others, but only those whose passion it is to be in competition. And others, the consumers, will be the judges of the world by what they “tune into”. This will make people HAPPY, as they will be only in fields where they WANT to be. Not IHOP, or scraping barnacles off the hulls of boats, but where they can best help man INVENT, and GROW as a culture.

I invite you — look up at the stars. There are other worlds out there, other cultures — inventing. One day we will be among them. When this happens, let’s ensure that humanity has something worthwhile to contribute. As, I submit to you, that is our DESTINY. That is our great ADVENTURE. That is the endless wellspring of AMAZING that we, as humanity, will have. It won’t be us, though. It won’t be in our lifetimes. We are the sacrifice. We are the architects. We are the transition. But, that’s OK. We will also be the ones who were smart enough to see it coming, and who facilitated its occurrence — if, and only if, we make it our goal.” — Jan 18th

  1. Really like this one – good collection and the PS is very apropos ( I love that word). Another quote for you that I love: “Learn like you will live for ever – live like today is your last day.” Can’t remembet who said it.
    “We are the sacrifice.” We just need to wriggle on the slab a bit before the spike hits. There you go, another slogan, ” Make sure you get some wriggling in before the spike hits.” Now, I used to know a man who would burst into Shakepearian speach if confronted on the street by a wierdo or some such. He was out-wierding the wierdo….you could always try the the wriggling quote.

  2. OMG!!! These are sooo good!!!

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