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We see only what’s in front of us…

Cute... no?

…And even then, only what we’ve told our feet to carry us toward. Choice and conviction, too, play their roles at the behest of your own personal direction. Something must physically change, than, in order to view what lies beyond the boundaries of our peripheral — but at least that remains an option.

So how might one begin to look within?

Should we place our faith solely in others? Depending on them to focus our peevish perceptions of the world and ourselves — or is there another way? Can we learn who it is that we are, somehow, on our own, and yet still be free from bias?

I believe we can.

It might be my youthful naiveté, but I have been convinced, for quite some time now, that the self can be known — though it takes a preternatural resolve towards the necessary work, and, even then, years. First and foremost: Honesty. Honesty with ourselves, and, as well, honesty with others. Before we go spreading “information”, which, truthfully, when is unproven, is nothing more than mere rumor, we must know that what we’ve heard or seen was true — and not merely an illusion…

Looks like you're the butt of the joke. Bet you didn't see that crack coming! 🙂

There is a passage in the Pulitzer prize willing, John Patrick Shanley play, entitled, “Doubt”, that I always return to in my mind when I think on the concepts of rumor and gossip, which speaks volumes, as well, as to what havoc they reap on our own psyche, along with others’.

It reads,


Father Flynn, in blue and white vestments, is at the pulpit.

Flynn: A woman was gossiping with a friend about a man she hardly knew — I know none of you have ever done this — and that night she had a dream. A great hand appeared over her and pointed down at her. She was immediately seized with an overwhelming sense of guilt. The next day she went to confession. She got the old parish priest, Father O’Rouke, and she told him the whole thing. “Is gossiping a sin?” she asked the old man. “Was that the Hand of God Almighty pointing a finger at me? Should I be asking your absolution? Father, tell me, have I done something wrong?” (Irish brogue) “Yes” Father O’Rouke answered her. “Yes, you ignorant, badly brought-up female! You have borne false witness against your neighbor, you have played fast and loose with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed!” So the woman said she was sorry and asked forgiveness. “Not so fast!” says O’Rouke. “I want you to go home, take a pillow up on your roof, cut it open with a knife, and return here to me!” So she went home, took the pillow off her bed, a knife from the drawer, went up the fire escape to the roof, and stabbed the pillow. Then she went back to the old preist as instructed. “Did you gut the pillow with the knife?” he says. “Yes, Father.” “And what was the result?” “Feathers,” she said. “Feathers?” he repeated. “Feathers everywhere, Father” “Now I want you to go back and gather up every last feather that flew out on to the wind!” “Well,” she says, “it can’t be done. I don’t know where they went. The wind took them all over.” “And that,” said Father O’Rouke, “is gossip!” In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Fly, my pretties!

How many feathers have we all cast to the wind over the years?

If you’re anything like me, quite a bit. Embellishment makes for better stories. You instantly become more affable, enigmatic, and entertaining — but, at what cost? In my humble opinion, the feathers that are impossible to reign in which, in the parable, have graced the townsfolk’s ears, are similarly released into your mind whenever you’re not honest with yourself. And soon, if not held in firm check, when you release enough, you’ll find that your living in delusion. Or, rather, you wont. Sometimes you get so deep in the rabbit hole that you can forget that you’d ever gone down it at all…

This is why the self, and knowledge of it, is paramount.

It’s about growth. It’s about improvement. It’s about getting better. You simply can not grow if you cover up your failures from yourself. When you spin lies you become blinded to what is, what can be, and the work — as, there is ALWAYS WORK — required to get there. Blind as you will be, you won’t find the road, and, if you do, you won’t be able to recognize the path anyway to your true happiness. You will forever walk a twisted path of your assumed success, miserable, for some untold reason, with every gaining step.

Surely this is not the way

However, and again, it is possible that all this is just my 28-year-old, unrelentingly child like, naiveté talking (It’s an admission I must make if I hope to believe my own words), but I am skeptical. I’ve been doing my best to relay information honestly, to others as well as myself, for a while now, and though it’s not won me many accolades, nor hoards of acquaintances, it has brought me into some meaningful relationships, of which I would not sacrifice for the world.

In any case this is all very personal, and unique to each of us individually. There is a journey to be taken when searching for the self. An expedition I’m still on, say thank’ya. But I feel that this is the real fun of life. The meat of it. Simply: the path.

It wont be easy, cleaning the mirror we face — but what award would be worth it’s shimmer without a fight? And when you feel down, or lost, or simply out of gas — which you will, if you’re driving at the path with everything you’ve got (as you should) — a good Quote will always be there to remind you of who you are, or at least of how to remember. This is why most quotes revolve around The Self, and this is why I’d like to share with you all my quotes on the subject as well.

The Self

People who base decisions on one factor alone cannot possibly understand the matter at hand. — Jan 1st, 2012

There are no absolutes — only a spot on a spectrum within your own private perspective. If held in mind, this makes life easier to bear. — Dec 21st, 2011

Verbal or mental judgement of others is an obvious and ugly reflection of the self. Don’t judge others — change yourself. Lead by example. — Dec 26th, 2011

If you overly concern yourself with the adventures of others, you will never experience any for yourself. Live or observe — those are the choices — Dec 26th, 2011

The only thing you will ever regret learning, is nothing. – Feb 21st, 2012

When people use words to hold you at bay; to bring you down, make you small and incite a bad day — remember then this one shining truth: You’re fine, they’re in pain and their salvation relies on you — Dec 30th, 2011

You might have the best idea in the world, but present it poorly and no one will notice. If you’ve worked hard, than you’ve earned faith in yourself, and it’s not hubris. – Feb 18th, 2012

A life led in pursuit of understanding the self, is a self that’s lived misunderstanding life. Be good, be, then — be happy. — Jan 2nd, 2012

Health should be regarded as existing in three distinct places: Your body, your mind, and your awareness — all essential, and each no more important than the other. — Jan 3rd, 2012

It’s not everyone’s destiny to be great. Some are destined to be mediocre, to be worthless, pathetic and scared, and some, the smart ones, forge their own paths, knowing that destiny is highly overrated. — Jan 9th, 2012

Inspiration leads to Creativity, Creativity becomes Invention, and Invention lends itself to Inspiration — Thus is the wheel of life.
If you can’t find your place on the wheel of life, well, than — You’re not living it. — Jan 21st, 2012

Discernment above instinct is all that has made us man. Never sacrifice who you are for a group, as you yield to the very thing which has made you. – Jan 17th, 2012

When presented with opportunity, never ask, “why?” — that road leads only to excuses. Instead, try, “why not?”. – March 7th, 2012

Never sacrifice your own uniqueness in order to worship someone else’s. – Feb 28th, 2012


People and Politics,

Both just reflections of the state of our world…

… or, possibly, just the state of our own minds. One’s considered a dirty word, a thing taboo; not breached lightly nor often in public, and the other IS the public itself, often dirty and taboo too, in its own way. You have to be nice, in public. Empathetic. You have to recognize, in an instant, a whole other system of belief and boundary (one you may or may not agree with…), and partake in a delicate, sort of, ‘push and pull’ in order to achieve anything — which can be exhausting. Particularly if you’re anything like me, and wish that we’d all just judge a little slower and love a little faster.

“How does all this relate to quotes?”, I hear you ask…

(Quiet back there — I’m getting to it!)

Jeez, give a guy a second…

OK. See, here’s the thing… Generally, quotes deal solely with the self. “Bring about change from within”, they’ll say. “Learn to do what you know to be best”. “Listen to your heart”… Now, and without doubt, all this, very good advice, would be wise (and easy to heed), were we to live atop an isolated mountain, feasting upon the bits of shrubbrage that popped up about our unwashed, untrimmed and likely calloused, lotus crossed feet. But — and I know… I’m going out on a limb here — I’m willing to bet that nobody reading this is a Mountain Yogi. I happen to know there’s terrible reception up there. I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this, than, A) you have a computer (yes, wise-ass back there, I hear you again… smartphones are computers though — so please put your hand back down.) B) you have access to the internet, and C) you MUST interact with people, in one way or another, on a daily basis — which can seriously muck up that whole Zen thing you’ve got going on. Unless, that is, you take some time to seriously consider your own philosophy as it pertains to, “homo-erects interconnectedness”.

Hence; People and Politics.

The real, "Angry Birds". (Sorry Rovio.)

See, jack-ass back there, told you I was going somewhere with all this — now go sit in the corner.

Now, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to discredit quotes, or internal philosophy in general with what I’m saying here, quite the contrary actually. It is very important to work on the self, as, to others, you too are people, and while interacting your engaging with them in politics whether you like it or not. Thus, you first must be whole from within to properly function in society. However, that alone is simply not enough. You must consider more!

“When will the thinking stop!?”

Alright, , that’s it, enough interruptions out of you — to the principles office with ya!

No, no, leave the dunce cap on!

You go now!

You go now, you been here for hour!


Sorry about that… It’s just SO distracting. Now, where was I?


Great. Now I forget…

Well that’s just wonderful! Oh well, I’ve got to get off to work anyway. Just imagine I wrapped this all up beautifully and had some brilliant segway into the reason I’m regaling you all with quotes about People and Politics today. I trust you cool, creative peeps got the gist of all this by now anyway.

(Oh, and just a heads up, the blog will return to normal after this weekend, as I’m finally done (for now), with my recent, ‘Crazy-busy’ job. So, soon enough, I’ll be back on topic, and off this string of quotes. Just one more set to go after this.)

And now, without further ado (what the hell is an “Ado” anyway… crap, this is more ‘ado’. I lied! NOOO!!!), I give to you, (That rhymed. Huh…) People and Politics!!!


Always be grateful for those in your life who know you best, yet still — somehow — manage to love you. — Dec 23rd, 2011

Changing yourself for others, so long as you’re aware of it, is not necessarily indicative of a weak individual – rather, an empathetic one. — Dec 31st, 2012

When you care about someone, in part, it’s because you see a bit of yourself in them. This is precisely why when things go awry you feel so very mad, it’s as if you’ve let yourself down… However, accepting the truth in this alleviates all pains — as rather than causing dissonance, it should highlight the beautiful dividing line between you and another unique individual. — Jan 14th, 2012

Much like making love, life has its ups and its downs — and if you medicate your way through you’ll never finish happy. — Jan 5th, 2012

“Power” is having leverage over others and using that leverage as you see fit.
“True Power” is having that same leverage over others but only using it when it is right. — Jan 23rd, 2012

Ah blanket assumptions, how warm your embrace. Yet, one would be wise to prepare for the shocking cold that is sure to come once the veil is lifted. — Jan 7th, 2012

When someone’s done something wrong, and you call BS, they will generally fight twice as hard to convince you that the lie is true. When this happens, take pity — as their need to maintain the illusion is all that remains of their reality. — Jan 7th, 2012

True wisdom is hard-earned; it begins with study, the acquisition of voluminous knowledge based in fact, and manifests over time, with empathy — this is the only mark of a worthy leader. This is why talking down to others as a means of asserting dominance will always be nothing but laughable. You would like us to believe that you are better than us, that you should have the right to rule us, to lead us, and your means of expressing this is by belittling us? A true leader, despite the fact that they are likely more knowledgeable than their subjects, inspires — for they are worthy of their ranking, and they know it. The only motivating factor for using fear in rule is the desire to keep someone in their place. In truth, it is a fear of competition and a fear of toppling from a precarious throne.
Only someone uncertain of their power would wish to publicly reinforce it. — Feb 20th, 2012

When you step back and look at the big picture, everyone’s there — It’s just all a little bit fuzzy. It’s then your job to ensure that you come into focus. — Jan 20th, 2012

Learn to identify and love the similarities between yourself and your fellow-man, rather than striving to seek out and loathe the differences. We are only as alike as you are willing to see: exactly. — Jan 9th, 2012

Empathy is all that binds us as a people. Without it you may become rich, powerful, and quite successful indeed, but when you do you tear apart society at it’s very seems. — Jan 12th, 2012

Who do white-lies said for comfort, comfort?
If the liar knows what’s true, and the one being lied to does as well, isn’t this all just a whole lot of wasted effort? — Jan 19th, 2012

Not wanting to feel depressed is not an acceptable reason to stick your head in the sand — it’s selfishness in its purest form. — Dec 31st, 2011

Because we have created an ‘industry’, for all intents and purposes, where an individual has to work their entire life toward the goal of ruling over the masses, which also necessitates that they be fully convinced, all the while, that they are the best prepared in the world to do so, we should expect, than, that the type of person this system attracts to possess an unhealthy tendency towards narcissism and delusion; as these are the only traits which could possibly convince someone of something so far from the truth. Therefore, individuals who seek out and actively desire this type of power, are, quite literally, the last people in the world who should ever obtain it. — Dec 11th, 2011

Before people fight — with words, wars, or fists — they should be forced to break not bread, but dark chocolate. Let’s see you swing with your eyes lolling into the back of your head like that! (Ritter Sport Marzipan is recommended!!) — Dec 20th, 2011


We are the champions!

Hit play, and try to read along with the music’s timing.


We’ve paid our dues — time after time. We’ve done our sentence, but committed no crime. And bad mistakes, well, we’ve all made a few. We’ve had our fair share of sand kicked in our faces — but we’ve all come through!

Still we must go on! And on! And on!! And on!!!

We, are the champions, my friend. Cause we, we reached success, in the end. We are successful. WE are successful! We are true winners, cause we knew what success was — from the start…..

We’ve done the hard work. And we tried without end. Sure we failed time and time, and time again, but it’s not stopped us yet. True, it’s been no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise. Cause we put ourselves to task against the whole of the human race, and were determined not to lose!!

Still we must go on! And ON! And ON!! And ON!!!

That’s what success is, in the end. Never, ever, giving up on your dream… That’s what success is, THAT’S WHAT SUCCESS IS. Following your passions and knowing you’ll be successful, all along!

~~~ End ~~~

Apropos, I thought.

We are the champions, my friends. We are the fighters. The warriors. The steadfast few who reach for the stars, despite their height in the impossibly dark nights sky. That’s what true success is, my friends. Picking out what you want from life, and going after it. That’s all it is, really. Truly, it’s quite simple. Know yourself. Figure out what you like, and then — go get it.

And Enjoy every step of the way.

I’m not perfect. I wouldn’t claim to be. None of us are. I expect to fail. I have before, (hard), and I surly will again. This I know. But, when success is found in the pursuit, and not only in the goal, than we are always there.  We are ALWAYS on top. We are ALWAYS SUCCEEDING!

You must just be honest.

And try.


That’s it.

You got this.

(trust me.)

Anywho, enough music and merriment. Here’s my list of quotes for this day. I sure hope that all you successful types aren’t to busy to take a gander. And if you are, no offense taken. You drive the world – and I thank you.


To view yourself only through the prism of past successes and failures is to forget that you are still alive. — Jan 9th, 2012

To be the best that you can be, at whatever it is that you love yo do, is the only real pursuit in life — other than aiding others with the same quest. — Dec 16th, 2011

Every days a fresh start, every moment a new chance. You can improve who you are, who you were, who you thought you had to be — just take that chance! — Dec 18th, 2011

Life is funny, and unpredictable, and the more you try to control it the more it laughs in your face — might as well just slap on a smile then, and enjoy the ride. Weeeeeeeeeee! — Dec 15th, 2011

Your potential is limited only by the depth of your imagination and dedication. Dream big and work hard — reach for the stars. — Jan 2nd, 2012

Everyone’s a genius in their own way. Everyone’s beautiful to someone. So leave your fears at the doorway. Become a person YOU love. — Dec 25th, 2011

Don’t take a risk and hope you’ll get there, work hard, have faith, and know you will. — Jan 6th 2012

It is a good fact to know that in Japan the streets have no names. So if you were to ask someone for directions there, they could elucidate to perfection and you would still have no idea where you were headed if you thought only in terms of yourself and what you know.
In life too, there will be those who will attempt to direct you. If you listen, not just for what YOU are looking for, like street names, but really listen to it all, wholeheartedly, remembering what was said, you then might someday realize that, even though you still lost your way, what you had once been told was right all along. — Jan 12th, 2012

Passion is the fuel which lights the fire of desire. Without it, the fire can never roar, and will never cure the log into creation. — Jan 23rd, 2012

It’s about more than just being true to your vision, it’s about having a vision to be true to in the first place. —  Jan 27th, 2012

The first step in getting anything done is believing it can be done. — Feb 29th, 2012

Words are merely concepts symbols; something good to remember when facing the impossible. — Feb 25th, 2012

Always step your best foot forward, even if you have to step one back to be able to do so. — Feb 15th, 2012

If inspiration is 90% perspiration… Than is contemplation 90% constipation? If so, it explains why I do all my best thinking on the can… — Dec 26th, 2011

(Don’t know how that last one got in there 😉 )


Quick: What has more gravity than a black hole?

Other than your Mom... Obviously

Well… Nothing.

Which, by and large, is ‘true’… technically; objectively. Though, and then again — what is ‘Truth‘?

It’s heavy, that’s what it is. Can’t you feel it’s weight as you read it, let alone daily, as it ever so casually rolls off your tongue? Hell, I think we all do. It’s sinful, in its way. There’s pressure orbiting it. Weight. Girth. Heft. We feel the need to get IT right, but we’re never, (not a one of us), really sure what IT is… not exactly. As a matter of fact there’s so much pressure surrounding it, I submit to you, gentle readers, that ‘Truth‘, itself, weighs more than the giant flushing toilet (with its ‘stinking’ Hawking radiation), that lies betwixt our universe!

But all this conjecture is subjective… This I know…

But, again, what is Truth? It seems important, no? And, and furthermore, how do we go about finding it? Is it objective, quantifiable, measurable, as so many seem to insist — like the determinable mass of a black hole by the size of its event horizon? Or is truth subjective, and true to each of us individually?

The answer?

It’s unsolvable

For the love of God, WHY!?

And here’s the ‘Truth‘ about why…

If I go ahead and postulate that ‘Truth’ is wholly subjective, well… would somebody please cue, The Dude, “Yea? Well, that’s just like, your opinion, Man.” There we are. And If I attempt to claim that it is objective, well than how can I possibly prove anything? Particularly something existential, like this, that lies outside the realm of science (which, in and of itself, is constantly wrong, and seeking truth for itself)!?

Perhaps, then, ‘Truth’ is merely a Mirage…

… a contrived system of nicety so that I wont kill you for a piece of your ‘Kit-Kat bar’ (seriously, why does nobody share those things? Who raised you people!?) Perhaps there really is no, genuine, “Truth”, or at least ‘Truth’ in the sense that society has labeled/defined it… Looks like now we’ll never figure out if your Mom really is heavier than a Black Hole. But, and in either case, (It’s your Mom) due to its philosophical and lofty nature, the search for “Truth” alone has inspired more than a few of my own, home-style (and chunky), Quotes — and it is these that I would like to share with you all today.

How about you read some and decide for yourselves?

Let me know what you come up with.



The only truth I'm certain of

Just cause you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. — Dec 11th, 2011

The one and only, UNIVERSAL TRUTH is….. There is no truth that is universal.
For if there were: the world would be a grey, lifeless thing, where you would always be right, and everyone else would be just like you. — Jan 5th, 2012

No longer taught in your local school; philosophy: the one and only thing preventing us from living in a perfect world. — Jan 1st, 2012

The path to happiness and truth is paved with many a harsh reality, possibly the most severe of which is that you are often wrong and can greatly improve upon who you are. Never blame the world — instead, look within. — Dec 21st, 2011

There are good stories, there’s truth, and then there’s a place of magic and inspiration which lives between the two. Never settle — Strive for both. — Jan 17th, 2012

At the end of the day, if you’re true to yourself, all you ever really need is a dollar more in your pocket than you ABSOLUTELY MUST have to pay your bills. From that point forward you are immensely fortunate and would do well to remember it! — Dec 27th, 2011

Knowing what we know now, about what we didn’t know then — we’d all be quite smart in accepting our part of the world growing dim. Always Demand Truth. — Dec 27th, 2011

Buzzwords are wanton, lacking of solid information and anemic. Reject them as truth but let them titillate your curiosity, and then — go learn for yourself. — Jan 3rd, 2012

Knowing how to Cook might just be the secret to Life — Think about it:
You have to prepare your ingredients — and they better be fresh — you sweat and temper for just the right amount of time, and then, even if you’d done everything else right, the final judgement lies with someone else, as they are the judges of palatability and widespread appeal. — Jan 14th, 2012

Judgment isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as your thoughts endure. Let judgment be the beginning, and compassion, the end. — Jan 6th, 2012

You’ll always be unhappy where you are if you’ve never really tried to be where you want to be. Try, and fear not — for failure is far preferable to having never made the attempt. — March 13th, 2012

He who knowingly fears the unknown is a walking paradox. — March 1st, 2012

The development of an innate devotion to the growth of the self, through any and all circumstance, is the first step in any positive spiritual change. — Jan 30th, 2012

If I must choose to either be crazy or normal — strap me in! Rather that than to be just the same as everyone else. — Dec 20th, 2011


We’re all motivated in differing ways…

That's one way to get your cardio in...

However, finding the right motivation is key.

Proper motivation is arguably as important, and if not, more-so, than the subsequent product it will produce…

It will color it.

Shape it.

Taint it…

Choose something temporal as a motivator and you’ll soon find yourself with temporal satisfaction. You’ll forever after and always be chasing that next high. Though, choose something ethereal as a motivator — a lofty ideal, the wish for worldwide embetterment, a simple hope to inspire — and you’ll quickly discover a new plane of creation, ability, and overall zen at your fingertips.

I’m talking about happiness here, people!

It might seem convoluted, but just take the road.

And how you find your way to it!

Look, happiness if not some abstract thing, granted temporarily and only by medication, nor is it hard to come by, it’s abundant, accessible, and stems from doing what you love! You just need to have a little faith, the right atmosphere, and the proper motivation.

Now all this takes a careful eye…

…And it might take some changes. You might have to rethink your long-held friends, you might have to switch jobs and take a cut in pay, you might even have to avoid certain members of your own family — as we can’t help what inspires us, we can only change what we expose ourselves to…

Try to aim for support and positivity, though ensure that it’s not simply blind.

Appreciate critique, let it be your guide. Remember; we must fail, to learn, to learn not to fail.

Though, despite all this, motivation for any attempt is key — so here are some of my own thoughts on the matter…

I hope you enjoy!


“Give yourself permission daily to be awesome.” — Feb 1st, 2012

“Overanalyzation was a MAJOR factor in the Titanic sinking. The lesson: waffling too long over a decision is often worse than making a mistake. Plot your course, steer the wheel, hope for the best — and if you fail, pray the water’s warm.” — Jan 1st, 2012

“Stuck? Fed up? Stop. Breathe. Forgive. Appreciate. Now… continue.” — Dec 17th, 2011

“Only when you empty a vessel entirely do you then have the opportunity to fill it again with something completely new. Leave one miniscule mite from the past behind though, and the new state of the thing is wholly tainted by the old. Sometimes it’s OK to lose everything, as true reinvention always must start from scratch.” — Feb 6th, 2012

“Think about all the excitement and adventure that’s manifest due to technology and innovation.
Now, look up at the stars…
There are other worlds out there, and other individuals, innovating. What we have crafted thus far on our tiny blue speck, will someday soon be added to a universal commerce, and the adventure will grow exponentially, and for all of time… Given the inevitability of all this, what are you waiting for — go, innovate, and prepare to share your unique and important perspective with the Universe.” — Jan 15th, 2012

“Never let the fear of failure deter your efforts, for failure gives the gift of a lesson. Success yields nothing toward internal growth.” — Dec 12th, 2011

“Sure… It’s swell to have a plan for life, or, heck, even a strategy. Shoot, in a perfect world they might just play out as you’d hoped too. However, there’s a problem; we don’t live in a perfect world. Thus, merely have Goals: they are far less rigid than a plan in their ways, and permit for the occasional, and necessary, tap-dancing of life — a requisite to achieve.” — Feb 1st, 2012

“A wasted mind is not only one that doesn’t study, but also one that studies imprudently. What do you spend your time learning?” — Jan 10th, 2012

“To hold ones deepest desires close to the heart is essential in achieving them. However, trying to hold each step of the process in mind at once makes the feat simply insurmountable. Thus — Live in the moment, aim for the future.” — Jan 4th, 2012

“Awesomeness starts within, and then, eventually, finds its way out to shine onto the world. It can’t be faked tho — you’ll call your own ‘BS’.” — Dec 14th, 2011

“I never put much significance on a day — its still got just 24 hours. If you’re the resolute type, remember this; It’s not the day that brings the change, the day will fade and pass. It must then, be you — just like it’s been all along. Yup… I never put much significance on a day…” — Jan 1st, 2012

“The only difference between the world we want and the world we have is our faith in the possibility. Help us live up to our collective potential: do something great.” — Jan 12th, 2012

“Think about all the species of wondrous life which the Earth is host to — and yet us humans are the sole creatures here with the capacity to change our place and role in this world. Knowing now that choice is such a rare opportunity when it comes to life — why would we ever give it up? Or, worse yet, not express it?” — Jan 17th, 2012



There is also one other thing I would like to share here, in this category, though I felt it was simply too long to lump into the previous section of quotes. This was merely an excerpt from a heated online discussion I’d engaged in about money — which quickly got out of hand, (but was quite fun). The comment was well received, and so I saved it. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts 🙂

“Q- What is the goal of humanity?

A- At its basics: To survive, and evolve. Our evolution IS invention. Thus, our greatest goal should be to A) provide for survival (which is easy to do if we focus on it), and B) Invent — now that’s the tricky one. See, to be good, you need to train, and to train, you need time. You need to work at a craft every day. We are staring down the barrel of a new world. One that provides the basics. If that were to happen, and again — it could if we made it the focus — then what would people do with their time? Either invent, or consume. EACH AS IMPORTANT AS THE OTHER, as this will be the NEW currency. I, as a creator (Writer/actor) will still compete with others, but only those whose passion it is to be in competition. And others, the consumers, will be the judges of the world by what they “tune into”. This will make people HAPPY, as they will be only in fields where they WANT to be. Not IHOP, or scraping barnacles off the hulls of boats, but where they can best help man INVENT, and GROW as a culture.

I invite you — look up at the stars. There are other worlds out there, other cultures — inventing. One day we will be among them. When this happens, let’s ensure that humanity has something worthwhile to contribute. As, I submit to you, that is our DESTINY. That is our great ADVENTURE. That is the endless wellspring of AMAZING that we, as humanity, will have. It won’t be us, though. It won’t be in our lifetimes. We are the sacrifice. We are the architects. We are the transition. But, that’s OK. We will also be the ones who were smart enough to see it coming, and who facilitated its occurrence — if, and only if, we make it our goal.” — Jan 18th

You’re never truly alone when there’s good literature around…

…And the same can be said for quotes.

Take it from me,

As I am a man whose spent a good deal of his life on his own. An only child, surrounded throughout my younger years by naught but hostility, a natural weirdo throughout and an abstract thinker to boot: these are not the traits that grant you companionship — though I was never alone.

Whether it was the tales spun in my beloved comics, the epic narratives which engaged me in my games, or the titanic span of an author’s mind I’d found within their writings, truly, I’d always had someone by my side. The advice I’d gleaned from these sources, far too voluminous to mention, quite possibly kept me sane for a great number of years (Or pushed me over the edge of insanity, the jury’s still out on that case…), and helped shape my outlook for the rest of my life.

Surely, than, I would be remiss to not attempt to do the same.

And so, the series of my own Quotations that I would like to share with you all today would be just that;


I kid... I use it to line the litter-box 🙂

“Let it go. Whatever it is — It’s not worth it.
Focus on your goal. Whatever it is — It IS worth it.
Your mind can only process either one or the other — now, you tell me, which one’s worthy?” — Jan 28th, 2012

“If reality is shaped by your perception, and your perception is shaped by your temperament, than, unequivocally, you manifest your own reality. I’d watch that…” — Feb 16th, 2012

“Never open your mouth to speak freely at a table of strangers — as you’ve got no idea if someone there is in possession of knowledge which trumps your own.” — Jan 8th, 2012

“Looking strong and being strong are two very different things — one only has to hit a diamond with a hammer to know this is true.
Thus, be strong and useful when your time comes, not beautiful and frail.” — Jan 2nd, 2012

“With life, it’s all too easy to get caught up in living the way you were taught you should, and forget altogether that there was once a way that you’d wanted to live it.” — Feb 27th, 2012

“While growing a garden, as in life, one must prune back whatever is holding back the health of the plant.” — March 15th, 2012

“Modesty should only be applied honestly. Never be ashamed to express who you really are, nor your adventures with others, it might just inspire.” — Jan 21st, 2012

“Never lament something before you do it, you’ll skew your whole experience. Besides… that’s what after-words are for.” — Jan 14th, 2012

“Be careful how you talk to yourself, as it’s likely you’ll believe what you have to say. For, if you can’t trust yourself, who can you?” — Dec 13th, 2011

“Remember, everyone has their own internal lexicon with definitions and impressions unique to them, and them alone. Thus, never judge, for any action another takes is always just as justified as your own.” — Dec 30th, 2011

“Learn your instincts — or become slaves to them. Only when you are aware of their influence can you truly chose how to be.” — Dec 14th, 2011

“Mental endeavors are taxing, you will eventually find it hard to work. When you do, switch to physical tasks — as the body supports the mind, and the mind relies on the bodies strength.” — Dec 17th, 2011

“Constantly reinvent yourself. Never be afraid. Do it whenever you can and imbue your aims with every failures lesson, no matter how small. This is the only way to seek truth.” — Nov 7th, 2011

“The way I see it, the inherent problem in giving someone advice lies in the fact that the reason they probably need it in the first place is because they don’t listen.” – Jan 3rd, 2012


A good quote will change your life,

(This Gandhi quote changed mine.)

They’re magical in that way; transformative.

Quotes have a way of getting through to us — better than any well worded argument, and certainly more efficiently than some protracted article. They’re compact, succinct, and speak right to the soul.

Rather than disseminating a convoluted thought outright, which can tend to be unsettling, belittling, and quite wordy, (leaving us with our guards up, rather than, the intended, down), a good quote will culminate as the reduction of a complicated idea into a neat little tidy package, though still well worded and true its nature, that, instead, helps the listener to figure out the concept for themselves.

I owe a lot to quotes…

…And it’s likely that you do too. For me, when I look back across my life, every milestone I’d ever hit had an apt quote waiting there to accompany it.

Whether it was the golden rule as a young boy, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31), which came about at a time when I was considering violence as an answer to my young frustrations, or the famous Fitzgerald quote as an adolescent, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”, arriving just in time to help me deal with the contradictory philosophical implications I’d been encountering in literature, or even, “The only measurable difference between Genius and Insanity can be found in their degrees of success”, that, as an adult, guided me in founding my Blog: Quotes were always there to help me find my way.

Creative Inspiration

It’s what this blog is supposed to be about.

It’s tough out there… for all of us — and especially for those of us who dare to create. You might be a chef, or an artist, maybe a scientist, or possibly a fighter — heck, you might even be an actor/writer struggling to make it in the big city — but, from time to time, you’re likely going to feel exhausted. Depleted of what you’d once been full of, and once ready to share with the world.

When I drew up the concept for this Blog, it was for you; the creators.

I’d wanted to make sure that there existed a place in the (virtual) world where you could go to re-charge your batteries. To feel better, fuller: confident to forever produce. But, I see now, that it’s not just for us, “Current Creators” alone — it’s for everybody!

I’d like to inspire the world to create!

I’d truly like everyone to know that they all have something awesome within them, brimming up behind their eyes and poised to burst forth from their ears, ready to explode out and change the world — and all they need to do is believe in its existence for it to manifest. There’s another quote of Einstein’s which had, in part, inspired this revelation — “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. And it’s true, and we all know it to be — EVERYBODY’S A GENIUS.

So… Why not me?

That’s the question I began to ask myself. With all this motivation I’ve been consuming over the years in order to create, put in place and inspired by people all throughout the world and across its history, shouldn’t I want to give something back? Shouldn’t I try, regardless of the potential outcome, to inspire others with my own words?

And, possibly more importantly, do I even have anything worthy of sharing?

So, it was with this thought in my head…

…that, back in January, I began to try. I allowed the world’s customary daily lessons to inspire me, (rather than beat me down), and began attempting to not only identify, but understand and condense these lessons into unique quotes of my own, jotting them down as I went along throughout my day. I then began putting them onto a public forum, I.E. Facebook and Twitter, because I knew that they couldn’t possibly do anybody any good if I just let them lie fallow on my smartphone.

Are they any good?

Well, good readers, that’s for you all to decide — as I’m going to share them with you starting today. There are quite a few for you to read too… I have amassed over a hundred novel quotes (if they could so be called 🙂 ), of my own by now, and, throughout the next couple weeks, I plan on posting most of them here for you to read.

I’ll try to stick to the better ones.


I’d love your feedback on these, and possibly, If I inspire you somehow, your story — but I’ll settle for just a click of the, “Like” button.

Ahhhh, WordPress…

In any case, for me, this series couldn’t have come at a better time, for I’ve got these brain appetizers on hand, and I’m going to be quite busy for the next few weeks, so they will free me up to focus on my book edits. For simplicity’s sake I’ve broken the quotes into categories — “Motivation”, “People/Politics”, “Endurance”, “Advice”, “Success”, “Truth”, and, “The Self” — though they don’t have to pertain to the named subject alone.

Again, I sincerely hope that you enjoy, are inspired, or perhaps just get a chuckle, for my pervasive humor has found its way into these as well; my genuine takes at being sincere and helpful. You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

And now,

without further ado,

I give to you my first category,


(please enjoy)

“First comes the realization that you can be more; better, full. Then you walk the path; it’s long, arduous and more trying than you could imagine. It takes years. Finally, if you’re lucky, you make it through. At the end of it all, it wouldn’t have been the gall it took to decide, nor the will it took to walk, but the fortitude it required, and the faith, to believe that the end existed at all as you went along your way.” — Jan 27th, 2012

“Perseverance, not innate talent, nor connections, nor financing, always has been, and always will be, the defining factor of greatness. Keep going. Yes, you can.” — March 9th, 2012

“Love your scars, for they prove that you have lived.” — Feb 10th, 2012

“Recycling failed life strategies will yield nothing but failure in life. We cannot look back and long for what was or what might have been, we must instead look ahead with optimism, actively crafting what still can be.” — Jan 26th, 2012

“Enjoy the cold, embrace it, go with its vibe. For life is about living, and nature’s part of life; let it remind you your still alive.” (First really cold day of the year) — Jan 4th, 2012

“Worth is a fickle beast, as the more deserved of it you are the less aware of it you must be.” — March 5th, 2012

“To make a “Bucket list” when you’re older is a great idea, but why wait!? Make one today, start tomorrow, and when you’re ready to kick the bucket you wont notice — you’ll be too busy kicking ass.” — Jan 20th, 2012

“The best way to deal with negativity? Positively ignore it.” — Feb 19th, 2012

“If all you give is effort, and all have is hope – than all you can possibly want you already have.” — Jan 16th, 2012

“Sometimes you play all the right notes, perfectly and with all of your heart — only to the wrong audience. Never give up.” — Jan 6th, 2012

“Success and failure are interchangeable as a result of an ambition. Learn to love both, as they are the Yin and Yang of your inevitable success.” — Dec 28th, 2011

“If every day you lived was perfect, you’d have no reason to get up from bed. What would you look forward to? The same old crap — that’s what. It’s all about perspective.” — Jan 5th, 2012

“It’s rare that things will happen in, “your time”. Thus, expect the really great ones to come around when you’re wholly preoccupied — aren’t you glad the universe has a sense of humor?” — Dec 19th, 2011

“People say waiting is torture — but meditation is akin to waiting, if only your mind is right. It’s all in how you look at it.” — Dec 27th, 2012