Return to Red Jade

The small town of Red Jade is a peaceful place; full of honest, hard working people. One day a news report breaks about a grizzly murder in town: a local woman – one of their own – has been killed. Since everybody knows everybody, news spreads fast about the slaying, and that’s where our protagonist George (that’s me 🙂 ), steps in.

George works at the local Flower shop: he is young, naïve, and finds the gruesome murder to be abjectly interesting (being that it’s the only newsworthy thing to happen to his hometown in years). He starts to query Myrna, the shops owner and his boss, about the possible causes of the death, and, rather than speculation about the killer, she seems to know exactly what happened; replying only with an odd prophecy, “This is just the first sign of those things.”

This is where George, the antithesis of a traditional hero, undertakes his journey to seek out a mysterious figure from an old Red Jade legend, who was once kicked out of town – having been labeled a psycho – that may, or may not have fought off these things before.

What you will see here is merely the snidbits of my work that my lovely director, Ms.Lauren Conoscenti, was kind enough to send over. For more information on the film, check out her website dedicated to the film, or the facebook page, and keep an eye on my blog (and her site), for details about it’s theatrical release.


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